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Janome Blue Tip Needles
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Sewing Machine Needles By Janome: Janome Blue Tip, Size 75/11 Needles: Embroidery and Multipurpose, The Janome blue Tip is an extra high quality hardened metal needle, that stay sharp longer!

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 ✔ ♥ ➜ The Janome Blue Tip has a unique design with an extra hard pierce point, plus a slightly longer than normal scarf to cure skipped stitches and puckering in any problem fabric especially synthetics.
✔ ♥ ➜ Why Blue Tips are better: The premium Janome Blue tip needle are specially designed for Janome embroidery machines. Use for all embroidery projects and general household sewing on most fabric types.
✔ ♥ ➜ Use with: All Janome sewing machines (flat back needle type) The Janome Blue Tip is Janome’s best selling / most popular household sewing machine needle. They also work on Singer, Brother, Pfaff, Husqvarna, Viking, Elna, Bernina and more. 
✔ ♥ ➜ Janome Blue Tip 11 needles are perfect for 
✔ ♥ ➜ Embroidery projects 
✔ ♥ ➜ General sewing 
✔ ♥ ➜ Light and Medium weight fabrics
✔ ♥ ➜ Problem fabrics behave themselves better. Unique long scarf design helps with problems of skipped or missed stitches
✔ ♥ ➜ How do they stay sharp longer? The Blue tip are Janome’s Best, highest quality premium needles. The Janome blue tips are made of extra high quality hardened metal so they stay sharp longer. Specially designed for high speed Janome embroidery machines.
✔ ♥ ➜ YES. They work on regular sewing machines: Many large Janome embroidery design programs have 50,000 to 200,000 stitches, Do to the hardened pierce point for embroidery programs the blue tips are the ultimate multipurpose general sewing needle that sew on most fabric types, and stay sharp far longer than regular needles. 
✔ ♥ ➜NOTE: For heavier weight fabrics, overlocking, serging, metallic threads and multi-layer quilting we use and recommend Janome Red Tip size 14 sewing needles