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Warranty is 2 years plus a FREE 15 YEAR JANOME CANADA Extended Warranty = 17 YEARS

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JANOME MC8200 Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy cast Aluminum body

    Sturdy cast Aluminum body makes the machine very durable and long lasting, yet still lightweight for great portability.

  • Heavy-duty motor

    Heavy-duty motor to work with all types of fabric from chiffon to shoe leather.

  • Easy-to-use needle threader

    Easy-to-use needle threader makes threading the eye of the needle quick and effortless.

  • Solid metal presser foot

    Solid metal presser foot makes machine very durable and long lasting.

  • Solid metal take-up lever

    Solid metal take-up lever makes machine very durable and long lasting.

  • Solid metal bobbin winder

    Solid metal bobbin winder makes machine very durable and long lasting.

  • Solid metal bobbin hook

    Solid metal bobbin hook makes machine very durable and long lasting.

  • Solid metal feed dogs

    Solid metal feed dogs makes machine very durable and long lasting.

  • Solid metal needle plate

    Solid metal needle plate makes machine very durable and long lasting.

  • Solid metal needle shaft

    Solid metal needle shaft makes machine very durable and long lasting.

  • 7-piece feed dog system

    7-piece feed dog system for excellent control of all fabrics.

  • Needle automatically disengages

    Needle automatically disengages when bobbin winder is engaged for quick bobbin winding.

  • Thread cutter

    Thread cutter near bobbin winder for convenient bobbin winding.

  • Extra strong steel tension discs

    Extra strong steel tension discs makes it nearly impossible to wear the top tension discs out.

  • All-metal thread guides

    All-metal thread guides provide a smooth path for thread for an excellent sewing experience. This also means the machine will last longer because the metal guides won’t wear out the way plastic guides do.

  • 11in of throat space

    11in of throat space on the right side of the needle for lots of room for quilts and larger projects.

  • Rubber feet

    Rubber feet on the bottom of the machine adds stability and quiet operation.

  • J class bobbins

    J class bobbins are made from a higher quality plastic to allow the smoothest thread delivery to the hook. This also makes winding the bobbin easier.

  • Presser foot raises

    Presser foot raises extra high (and stays there until it is lowered!) to make working with heavier fabrics much easier.

  • Seam allowance and cornering guides

    A number of seam allowance and cornering guides on the needle plate and bobbin cover for precise seams and corners. It also has special angle markings for piecing triangles.

  • Top loading, horizontal rotary hook

    Top loading, horizontal rotary hook, easy set bobbin system makes a smooth, quiet and jam-proof sewing experience, where you no longer have to bring up bobbin thread before starting to sew.

  • Clear bobbin cover

    Clear bobbin cover to see when you are running low on thread.

  • Lighting with 3 L.E.D lights

    Machine has excellent lighting with 3 L.E.D lights built in. This is helpful when you are sewing at night or working with dark colors.

  • Cover on the left side

    Cover on the left side of the machine pops open effortlessly to assist with threading & keeping the machine clean.

  • Start/Stop button

    Start/Stop button to give the ability to sew without the foot control. This is helpful when you bring your machine somewhere and forget the foot control, convenient for bobbin winding or simply if your foot/leg is getting tired.

  • Has a reverse stitch

    Has a reverse stitch, but also has a lockstitch button that will tie knots at the beginning and ends of seams. In fact, most stitches automatically start with a lockstitch, and when you press the lockstitch button at the end of the seam it will finish the pattern it is currently working on, then tie a knot and stop when it is finished.

  • Needle up/down button

    Needle up/down button prevents jamming and the eye of the needle from coming unthreaded when you start sewing. It will also ensure that the needle is in the right spot to work with the needle threader.

  • Automatic thread cutter

    Automatic thread cutter will pull both threads down to the bottom of the fabric and clip them off for you.

  • Built-on thread cutter

    Built-on thread cutter on the side of the machine so there is no need to reach for scissors at the end of the seam when the automatic thread cutter has not been used.

  • 170 built-in stitches

    170 built-in stitches giving you a wide variety of garment sewing, home décor, quilting and decorative stitches. Also has monograming in 3 sizes to create labels.

  • Each stitch is pre-programed

    Each stitch is pre-programed at a common stitch width and length, so you can just select your stitch and start sewing. However, this machine does have stitch width, length, foot pressure and tension controls to make adjustments if necessary.

  • Display screen

    Display screen will show a picture of the stitch, the number of the stitch, the pre-set stitch width & pre-set stitch length. It will also show what the most common foot used with that stitch is.

  • It’s a breeze to change stitches

    It’s a breeze to change stitches with the stitch chart on the top panel and number pad underneath the display screen. It also has the 4 most common stitches at the touch of a single button.

  • Basic straight stitch ready

    Every time you turn on the machine, it will be set on a basic straight stitch ready to sew.

  • Has AcuFeed Flex

    Has AcuFeed Flex which is a built-in, even feed system. This will feed layers of difficult fabrics evenly from the top and bottom of the fabric much better than a regular walking foot. There are also many AcuFeed Flex attachments available to make various quilting/sewing techniques much easier.

  • Has a Dual feed balancing dial

    Has a Dual feed balancing dial to adjust the speed of the bottom feed dogs. This can help when you are sewing layers of different fabrics with the AcuFeed Flex foot, or when sewing stretch fabric.

  • Feed dogs

    Feed dogs drop effortlessly with a switch on the side of the machine. This is used for free motion quilting and sewing on buttons.

  • Built-on accessory box

    Built-on accessory box with 2 large compartments for storing the accessories. There is also accessory storage on the top of the machine.

  • Free arm

    Free arm for making sewing pant legs and sleeves easier.

  • Flat bed

    Flat bed when the accessory box is on for supporting bigger projects.

  • Built-on carrying handle

    Built-on carrying handle makes machine quite portable.

  • Machine gives

    Machine gives the option of having the spool of thread feed off horizontally or vertically to work with a wide variety of thread. There is also an optional thread stand available for working with larger of cones of thread.

  • Different sizes of spool caps

    Machine comes with two different sizes of spool caps allowing the use of different sizes of spools.

  • Presser foot knee lifter

    Machine comes with presser foot knee lifter so you can keep your grip on the project while raising and lowering the presser foot.

  • Needle Plate effortlessly pops off

    Needle Plate effortlessly pops off with a button on the free arm for quick and easy cleaning. This is also great for changing the machine to the straight stitch needle plate, which will prevent light weight fabrics from jamming in the needle plate and help create straighter stitches. The machine also has a sensor under the plate so it won’t let you sew a zig zag while the straight stitch plate is on. This will prevent needles from breaking.

  • 9mm stitch width

    9mm stitch width makes more prominent decorative stitching. This also makes using decorative stitches for quilting easier.

  • Machine has a set key

    Machine has a set key to change things such as needle stop position, turning the buzzer sound on and off and starting speed.

  • Stainless steel zig zag foot

    Comes with stainless steel zig zag foot which has a built-on height compensation button for going from fewer layers of fabric to more layers of fabric without the machine getting stuck. (Ex: hemming jeans and sewing over the thick seam.)

  • Stainless steel rolled hem

    Comes with a stainless steel rolled hem foot for quick and professional looking hems.

  • Zipper foot

    Comes with a zipper foot that can be used on either side of the zipper to make zipper insertion a breeze.

  • Triple stitch zig zag

    A triple stitch zig zag for a number of functions including inserting elastic.

  • Overcasting stitches

    A number of overcasting stitches with a special overcasting foot for perfectly finished edges that don’t pucker.

  • Blind hems

    Blind hems for quick and professional style hems on both woven and stretch fabrics. It also comes with a stainless steel blind hem foot to sew hems accurately.

  • 10 different styles of one-step buttonholes

    10 different styles of one-step buttonholes to create perfectly sized, professional buttonholes for a wide variety of fabrics. The included deluxe buttonhole foot has an adjustment key to fine tune the size of the buttonhole if needed. The machine also comes with the buttonhole stabilizer plate which helps feed layers of difficult fabric.

  • A special button sewing stitch

    A special button sewing stitch with a button sewing foot makes sewing on buttons a breeze.

  • A special darning stitch

    A special darning stitch to stitch up small holes quickly and effortlessly.

  • Tacking stitch to sew

    Tacking stitch to sew on belt loops, straps and re-enforce pockets with ease. Machine will even memorize the size you want so you can focus on sewing and not the size.

  • An eyelet stitch

    An eyelet stitch for making eyelet trims and fabrics.

  • Applique stitches

    A number of applique stitches for beautiful applique.

  • A number of piecing stitches

    A number of piecing stitches for quick, easy and accurate seams when piecing your quilt tops together.

  • Comes with a quilting guide bar

    Comes with a quilting guide bar to make getting evenly spaced and straight quilting lines, quick and easy. This can also be used for getting more accurate seam allowances. This can be used with almost all the feet as it fits in the back of the standard foot holder and the AcuFeed Flex holder.

  • A number of decorative stiches

    A number of decorative stiches that can be used for easy, yet detailed quilting.

  • A twin needle setting

    A twin needle setting makes using a twin needle much simpler.

  • Elongation function

    Elongation function will make satin stitch patterns up to 5 times longer without changing the stitch length. This is great when you need a large, bold decorative stitch.

  • The ability to program pattern combinations

    The ability to program pattern combinations to have a lot more creativity with the decorative stitches.

  • Edit keys for the ability to edit

    Edit keys for the ability to edit monograming or stitch combinations effortlessly.

  • Comes with 2 different free motion quilting feet

    Comes with 2 different free motion quilting feet. It comes with a basic one and the convertible FMQ set giving you lots of options.

  • A mirror image key

    A mirror image key gives the ability to flip stitches so they sew out the other direction. This can be helpful when it is a project that is hard to manipulate.

  • A begin again key

    A begin again key gives the ability to start the stitch over from the beginning in case of a thread breakage ect..

  • Special ability

    The ability to have the machine automatically use the auto thread cutter after the lock stitch is used if that setting is turned on.

  • instruction manual

    Comes with instruction manual and instructional DVD to make learning the machine a breeze.

Janome MC8200

Janome Sewing Machine mod MC8200
For Quilting 11 Inch Long-Arm with Advanced AcuFeed Walking-Foot feeding system
flawless Quilting Made to last with an Industrial Grade Cast Aluminum Body

About this item



  • The Professional Crafter
  • Heavy-Duty / Larger Jobs
  • Home Decor Projects
  • Quilting Projects
  • Precision Sewing
  • Alterations + Garment Construction
  • Bulky / Multi-Layered Fabrics
  • Patchwork and Applique Quilts
  • Canvas, Totes and Purses
  • Denim and Leather
  • High-Speed Sewing
  • Extra Wide Sewing Stitches



Keeping all the features that you need and adding some extra sewing room, Memory Craft 8200 is a great machine for those who want a machine ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box. It gives you a high control allowing you to go from straight to zigzag stitch in one press of a button. Janome Memory Craft 8200QC is a full-featured machine to address all your sewing and quilting needs. This new machine offers over ten inches of throat opening, and an equally long free-arm to tackle the larger projects with ease. The 8200QC has several features you will appreciate, including a clear, backlit LED display, over hundred built-in stitches (with a handy stitch reference chart), a top-loading bobbin with full ‘jam- proof’ rotary hook assembly, snap-on needle plate mechanism with a simple lever-operated release and spacious storage for accessories. It is remarkably quiet, even at peak operating speeds of 860 stitches per minute. It also allows you to edit individual stitches or stitch combinations. Whether you’re working on household projects or professional garments, the 8200QC is a reliable companion which can help you sew or craft with precision and power.


    The ACUFEED System feeds both the top layer and bottom layer of fabric with perfect synchrony; giving you perfect feeding and stitching whether your sewing a large quilt or a fine piece of fabric. The ACUFEED FLEX Feeding System can be easily attached to the machine when needed and detached when not needed. In addition to the ACUFEED FLEX System, the Janome 8200QCP sports Janome’s Superior Plus Feed System which uses a consistent parallel, 7-Piece bottom feeding system for consistent fabric contact at all times. This superior system ensures absolutely perfect feeding and combined with the ACUFEED FLEX System; a quilter’s dream has just become a reality.


    Poor eyesight is no longer problem with this attribute! It’s effortless, pull down the needle threader, place your thread in the hook and in front of the needle,
    pull back and your needle is threaded!


    The Top-Loading Drop-In Bobbin System makes it easy to change the bobbin when you run out. Simply insert your new bobbin and follow the thread through the track to the left of the bobbin. The Janome 8200QCP will automatically bring the bobbin thread up for you instantly so you don’t have to! The Cover is clear so you can easily see if you are running out of bobbin thread. Janome’s Bobbin System is Jam-Proof so you don’t have to worry about your machine jamming if you sew off the edge of your project.


    Included with the Janome 8200QCP is a Straight Stitch Plate which gives you a single round straight stitch hole for the ultimate in precision when straight stitching! To change the plate, simply press down the Needle Plate Release Level and your standard plate will instantly pop up. No Screwdriver Needed! The Straight Stitch Plate can then be installed with a simple “click” and you are ready to sew! Free motion quilting to old fashion darning is easy with the drop-feed system. No hard to use darning plates, just push the drop feed switch over and the feed will drop.


    To select a stitch simply press the Mode Button to get to the stitch you want! There are 170 Built-In Stitches (up to 9mm wide!) as well as 3 Built-In Alphabets and multiple modes (Utility, Decorative, etc.) built-in, making the possibilities endless! Since the machine is computerized you do not have to set the stitch length and width, the machine will do it automatically for you!


    The Janome 8200QCP allows you sew at an incredible 9mm Width (Most Machines Sew at 7mm or Below). All included sewing feet and many stitches built-in are made to sew at 9mm so you are ready to sew wide right out of the box! Want to override the pre-set Stitch Width? No Problem! Simply press the Stitch Width Adjustment Button and use the +/- buttons to easily increase or decrease the Stitch Length.


    Want to override the pre-set Stitch Length? No Problem! Simply press the Stitch Length Adjustment Button
    and use the +/- buttons to easily increase or decrease the Stitch Length.


    The Janome 8200QCP has Built-In Letter and Number Stitches allowing you to sew quilt labels and more with your sewing machine.
    Upper-Case, Lower-Case, Numbers and Punctuation is all built into the machine as well as a 9mm Monogram Font!


    The Easy-to-Use Control Panel makes sewing a cinch. Press the Mode Button to switch the mode to either Regular Stitch Selection or Alpha-Numeric Stitch Selection. The Width and Length +/- Buttons increase or decrease the Stitch Length or Width. The Memory Button will memorize the stitch you are on to combine stitches. Press the Clear Button to delete the last stitch put into memory. Up to 50 Stitches can be memorized! Use the Number Key to type in the desired stitch you would like to sew! The Direct Pattern Selection Buttons at the bottom of the control panel will automatically set the sewing machine to one of four stitches with the push of a button.


    Located at the top of the machine is a convenient flip-up stitch panel that shows you all of the Built-In Stitches at a glance. It also tells you the corresponding stitch number that goes along with the sewing stitch that you have chosen. Lifting the top also exposes Sewing Foot Storage, the bobbin winder, the thread spool, thread tension and adjustable presser foot pressure dial.


    The Handy Function Button Panel is extremely easy to use and provides the user with variety of functions. The Thread Cutter Button will cut the the top thread and bobbin thread with the touch of a button. The Reverse Button allows your machine to sew in reverse to reinforce stitching. The Lock Stitch Button finishes the stitch you are on so you do not finish with half a pattern and the Needle Up/Down brings your needle either up or down with the touch of a button. You can also use the Needle Up/Down Button to set your needle in the down position every time you finish a seam so you can easily pivot on your work. The Start/Stop button allows you to sew without using the foot control and if you press it and hold it down, it will sew very slowly; so you can be as exact as you want.


    Forget about bad tension, it’s a thing of the past with auto-tension. Just place your material under the foot and sew; the machine will do the rest for you!


    No more fighting with old handwheels that won’t release! Just push the bobbinwinder to the right and the auto-declutch will automatically stop the needle from moving!


    Occasionally bulky layers of fabric require additional pressure from the foot; sheer fabrics need less. The Janome 8200QCP lets you control precisely how firmly the foot is pressing on your fabric. There are 7 different settings so you can find the right setting for your material and get the same outcome every single time.


    Want to sew on Shirt Sleeves or Pants? No problem, simply remove the Free Arm and by sliding it to the left and you are ready to sew. The Janome 8200QCP has an Extra-Long Free Arm which is a Foot-Long, giving you ample space for anything needing a seam or project that needs doing.


    The Free Arm Table has Double Accessory Bins located at both the front and rear end. Store your sewing feet, bobbins, needles and more with the machine at all times.
    Have all accessories on hand without taking up any extra space!



    With the MC8200














    – 9MM 1/4″ SEAM “O” FOOT








    – BOBBIN




    – FELT









  •  – MANUAL


Title: Janome MC8200: The Future of Long Arm Quilting Sewing Machines
by TOEWS SEWINGIntroductionQuilting has been a popular and valuable handicraft skill passed down through generations. In recent years, advancements in sewing machinery have given quilters the ability to create intricately designed quilts with precision and ease. The Janome MC8200 is engineered specifically for the unique sewing needs of quilters. This long-arm quilting sewing machine is a sophisticated blend of technological innovation and dependability, helping quilters produce beautifully stitched quilts. This essay delves into the key features, advantages, and versatility of this machine, as well as the impact it has had on the global quilting community.Crafting the Perfect Quilt with the Janome MC8200Janome, a Japanese company with a rich history in producing state-of-the-art sewing machines, understands the complexity and skill involved in quilting. The Janome MC8200 is designed to offer an effortless quilting experience through features such as its expansive workspace, cutting-edge technology, and practical functionality.1. Spacious Workspace
One of the most notable features of the Janome MC8200 is its expansive workspace, vital for seamless quilting projects. The machine’s wide, 11-inch throat space allows for easy maneuvering of large, bulky quilts without feeling cramped. This generously-sized working area is essential for helping quilters accomplish their creative vision with minimal effort.
2. Advanced EngineeringThe Janome MC8200 is built with advanced engineering to provide exceptional stitching quality for smooth, even, and consistent results. With a high-speed stitching capability of 1,000 stitches per minute, this machine offers precision across various fabrics and materials, making it suitable for both simple and intricate quilting designs.3. Intuitive Control PanelAt the heart of the MC8200, the easy-to-use control panel allows quilters to quickly access and adjust settings. The advanced touch screen interface streamlines navigation and customization of settings for optimum control over the quilting process.4. Superior Feed System
The Janome MC8200 features the patented AcuFeed FlexTM Fabric Feeding System. This innovative technology ensures consistent and precise fabric feed during the quilting process, resulting in impeccably aligned patterns and even stitches.
5. Extended Stitch LibraryEquipped with 170 built-in stitches, including traditional quilting patterns and utility stitches, the Janome MC8200 offers a wealth of creative possibilities. Users can choose from a variety of decorative stitch designs on-demand to personalize and embellish their quilts. Moreover, alphanumeric stitches enable easy monogramming and labeling for customized projects.6. Automatic FeaturesThe Janome MC8200 comes with numerous automatic features designed to save time and effort. One such feature is its one-step needle plate conversion, enabling users to change the needle plate without any tools. Additionally, an automatic thread cutter and thread tension control system ensure smooth and hassle-free sewing.7. Convenient Accessories
The Janome MC8200 is fully equipped with an impressive selection of high-quality accessories that cater to the varying needs of quilters. These include a variety of quilting and specialty feet, such as a free-motion quilting foot that allows for increased control while working with complex patterns.
Why Choose the Janome MC8200 for Your Quilting NeedsThe Janome MC8200 is a versatile and feature-rich long-arm quilting sewing machine designed to tackle diverse quilting projects. With its advanced engineering and user-friendly interface, this machine is perfect for both beginners and seasoned quilters alike. Here are some standout advantages of using the Janome MC8200.1. Enhanced CreativityThe Janome MC8200 provides users with design freedom, enabling them to effortlessly explore new creative possibilities with the wide range of built-in stitches and accessories. Quilters can now embellish their quilts with detailed monogramming, applique work, and intricate patterns without any limitations.2. Time EfficiencyThe machine’s high-speed stitching capability, coupled with its selection of automatic features, allows quilters to produce professional-grade quilts in less time. Quilters can enjoy focusing on the creative aspect of their projects as the MC8200 takes care of the technical aspects.3. Superior Stitch QualityThe MC8200’s advanced engineering ensures consistently smooth, high-quality stitching across all types of fabrics. This provides quilters with the confidence that their quilts will always have impeccable stitch quality.4. Exceptional DurabilityBuilt with a sturdy frame and professional-grade materials, the Janome MC8200 is designed for long-term durability. Trusted by millions of quilters worldwide, this high-performance machine can withstand extensive use without compromising on stitch quality or performance.The Impact of the Janome MC8200 on the Global Quilting CommunityThe Janome MC8200 has significantly impacted the quilting community by empowering both professionals and enthusiasts to elevate their creativity to new heights. This versatile quilting machine’s modern features, user-friendly interface, and advanced capabilities have enabled hobbyists to produce impressive quilt designs and professionals to effortlessly meet the increasing demand for high-quality quilt art.Furthermore, the MC8200 has fostered worldwide collaboration and a sense of camaraderie among the quilting community as artisans share their creations, learn from each other, and inspire future generations of quilters to challenge the limits of traditional quilting.ConclusionThe Janome MC8200 long-arm quilting sewing machine is designed with the nuanced needs of quilters in mind, providing advanced engineering, user-friendly features, and revolutionary technology that elevate quilting to a whole new level. Its ability to consistently deliver impressive stitches and creative possibilities makes it the ideal partner for quilters seeking a dependable, high-performance machine that can transform their quilt-making vision into reality. As the quilting world continues to evolve, machines like the Janome MC8200 provide the necessary tools and features to inspire the next generation of quilt-makers and transform the art of quilting.

Loaded Accessory Box! Everything listed below is Included!

  • 1) Zigzag foot A

    Machine comes with stainless steel, snap on zig zag foot with a clear plastic front for visibility. Standard zig zag foot also has a built-on height compensation button for going from fewer layers of fabric to more layers of fabric without the machine getting stuck. (Ex: hemming jeans and sewing over the thick seam.)

  • 2) Rolled hem foot

    Machine comes with a stainless steel rolled hem foot to create small hems quickly and easily.

  • 3) Zipper foot

    Machine comes with a stainless steel, snap on, zipper foot that can be used to on either side of the zipper foot to make sewing in zippers a breeze.

  • 4) Satin stitch foot

    Machine comes with a snap on satin stitch foot for stitching out decorative stitches. It has more room underneath the foot so thicker stitches can fit easily without getting stuck. It is also a clear plastic foot so it has excellent visibility and can be used with any stitch, even the button hole. This foot can also be used for applique.

  • 5) Open-toe satin stitch foot

    Machine comes with the open-toe satin stitch foot

  • 6) Blind hem foot

    Machine comes with a stainless steel, snap on, blind hem foot with a fixed guide for perfect blind hems.

  • 7) Overcast foot

    Machine comes with a stainless steel, snap on, over edge foot for perfectly finished edges that don’t pucker

  • 8) ¼’ seam foot O

    Machine comes with a ¼’ seam foot for sewing perfect ¼’ seams quickly and easily.

  • 9) Darning foot PD-H

    Machine comes with an open-toe darning foot for free motion quilting.

  • 10) Convertible free motion quilting foot QB-S

    Machine comes with the high quality, solid metal free motion quilting foot holder. You can adjust the height of this foot according to the batting loft.

  • 11) Close-toe foot

    Machine comes with a stainless steel close-toe foot that attaches to the Convertible FMQ foot holder for free motion quilting.

  • Open-toe foot

    Machine comes with a stainless steel open-toe foot that attaches to the Convertible FMQ foot holder for free motion quilting.

  • 13) Clear view foot

    Machine comes with a plastic clear view foot with various markings on it. This also has an opening for a zig zag stitch for thread painting

  • 14) Automatic Buttonhole foot

    Machine comes with a snap on, one-step buttonhole foot to create perfectly sized, professional buttonholes quickly and effortlessly.

  • 15) Buttonhole stabilizer plate

    Machine comes with a buttonhole stabilizer plate that helps feed layers of difficult fabric.

  • 16) Dual feed foot holder

    Machine comes with the dual feed/AcuFeed Flex foot holder. This is the foot to be used with the AcuFeed Flex system which will feed layers of difficult fabrics evenly from the top and bottom of the fabric much better than a regular walking foot.

  • 17) Dual Feed foot

    Machine comes with the basic attachment for the AcuFeed Flex foot holder. There are many optional AcuFeed Flex attachments available to make various quilting/sewing techniques much easier.

  • 18) Button sewing foot

    Machine comes with a special foot to make sewing on buttons quick and easy.

  • 19) Quilting guide bar

    Machine comes with a stainless steel quilting guide bar that fits in the back of the foot holder or the AcuFeed Flex foot. This is for getting quilting lines that are evenly spaced and straight. It can also be used as a seam allowance guide.

  • 20) Bobbins

    Machine comes with five J class bobbins that fit perfectly in the machine. They are made from a mixture of high quality plastic and rubber to allow the smoothest thread delivery to the hook. This also makes winding the bobbin easier.

  • 21) Spool holder/cap (large)

    Machine comes with a large spool cap to accommodate larger spools of thread.(500m-800m)

  • 22) Spool holder/cap (small)

    Machine comes with a small spool cap to accommodate smaller spools of thread. (100m-150m)

  • 23) Spool holder (special)

    Machine comes with a special spool cap to accommodate small cones of thread.

  • 24) Spool supporter

    Machine comes with a spool supporter that is a part of the extra spool pin set up for using small cones of thread and using twin needles.

  • 25) Felt cushion

    Machine comes with a felt cushion this is a part of the extra spool pin set up.

  • 26) Extra spool pin

    Machine comes with an extra spool pin that will help with the use of small cones of thread and using twin needles.

  • 27) Needle set

    Machine comes with a set of five needles: two Janome blue tip, one Janome red tip, one Janome purple tip and a twin needle.

  • 28) Screwdriver

    Machine comes with a short screwdriver with a handle. This will work to take the foot holder on and off and can be used to take needles in and out.

  • 29) Lint brush

    Machine comes with a lint brush for cleaning the bobbin area to keep machine running properly.

  • 30) Seam ripper/buttonhole opener

    Machine comes with a high quality Janome seam ripper for taking out mistakes. This can also be used for opening buttonholes.

  • 31) Knee lifter

    Machine come with a knee lifter which will allow you to raise and lower the presser foot with your knee so that you can keep your hands on the project for greater control.

  • 32) Straight stitch needle plate

    Machine comes with a straight stitch needle plate which will prevent light weight fabric from jamming and it will also help achieve straighter stiches.

  • 33) Touch panel stylus

    Machine comes with a stylus for the touch panel.

  • 34) Power Cable

    Machine comes with the power cable to plug the machine in.

  • 35) Foot control

    Machine comes with a Janome foot control that delivers a smooth transition of power from slow to full speed.

  • 36) Instructional video DVD

    Machine comes with an instructional DVD to help learn important basics such as threading and winding the bobbin.

  • 37) Instruction book

    Machine comes with a great instruction manual full of pictures, diagrams and written instructions on the operation of the machine.