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Janome MC8900QCP SE

Janome MC8900QCP SE Large 11" workspace Quilting Sewing Machine: This Janome has AcuFeed feeding system useful for Quilting


JANOME MC8900QCP Sewing Machine Features

•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Machine Size – Width 57.5cm, Height 31.5 cms, Depth 23.3 cms
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Lightweight, at less than 27 lbs
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Aluminum die-cast internal frame keeps the machine sturdy even at high spm
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Over ten inches of working space between needle and free-arm.
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ 11 inches of free arm, offering more than regular machines
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Sewing bed with 15 inches of measurements etched on the surface
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Easy-to-use backlit liquid crystal touch screen with stylus
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ White LED lights (five counts) to illuminate work area – 5 counts
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Comfortable carry handle on top of machine
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Spacious extension table to widen work space for bigger projects
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Extra storage space under the free arm, in addition to spacious box in front and back for accessories
•    ✔ ♥ ➜ Multi-lingual with 15 language choices


JANOME MC8900QCP Stitching Features

•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Lock stitch button
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Built-in selection of 270 different kinds of stitches, categorized into 11 types for easy recognition (bridge, heirloom,long, decorative etc.) with a chart for reference on the lid.
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Memory for storing individual favorite stitches, settings and frequently used options. Additional programmable options for twenty different stitch and font categories
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Stitches can go upto 9mm wide, 5 mm long, and even be elongated to five times their regular size.
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Over 90 different needle positions.
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Peak sewing speed of 1000 spm without any wobbles.
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Auto thread cutting, you can cut both bobbin and the top thread at once
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Eleven custom, single-step buttonholes with adjustable width, length of stitches and density.
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Drop feed with a seven-piece feed dog (superior plus). No more fabric getting clogged up, bunching on top or slipping away.
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ The feed dogss can be adjusted to be dual, or single with easy options to remove the upper feed dogs per the use. A dial for the AcuFeed also allows modifying the cloth tautness on the go
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Default down position for needles when sewing stops. For threading, ensure it is up. Extra “lock” button to stop the machine operations while threading or changing the attachments (needle, foot).
•   ✔ ♥ ➜ Clear, precise marks for measurements on needle plates; lever-guided easy snap-on and remove features for the plates (no more screw-drivers!)
•  ✔ ♥ ➜ Smooth, automatic needle threading
•  ✔ ♥ ➜ Easy presser foot with options
•  ✔ ♥ ➜ ‘Flip’ options for 30 select stitches to be flipped either horizontally or vertically.
•  ✔ ♥ ➜ Efficient usage of fabric space with the fabric guiding system affording uniform space for seams
•  ✔ ♥ ➜ Extra high performance foot presser to sew, quilt through several layers and thicker density fabrics
•  ✔ ♥ ➜ Knee lift to adjust to various heights in accordance with the width and thickness of fabric which is to be put between the sewing area

In order to explore new things and expand your horizons you need a reliable companion. We have created the Janome 8900QCP thinking about your sewing machine needs and preferences. This is the perfect balance between high end technology and user-friendly interface, all incorporated in an easy to use, well-designed sewing machine. You will love all the amazing features and you’ll find the inspiration to create things you’ve never thought possible. For sewing, quilting, hemming and pretty much all that can be achieved with stitches, the latest Janome MC8900 SE is your all-in-one sewing machine. It is a very solid and sturdy machine, yet compact and designed to enhance your sewing experience and exceed your expectations. Laden with features, you will immediately notice the spacious design, offering you 11 inches of room both on the free arm and to the right of the needle. Also comes with an extension table, which gives you even more space for those larger projects, so sewing those bulky projects or baby quilts is just as easy as hemming trouser legs,or fixing the pillow case. The bold stitches, going up to 9 mm in width and 5 mm in length, will leave its impression as much as LCD screen, dials for adjusting speed of stitches, thread tension or the huge selection of built-in stitches, designs and so much more. The Janome Horizon 8900, has the advanced Janome Acufeed feeding system, allowing quilters the freedom to quilt with extraordinary precision – The Janome Horizon 8900 offers everything you need to sew with professional quality. The MC8900 is equipped with a huge amount of features including a fully loaded accessory box. This machine opens up a huge variety of creative opportunities to keep you happily quilting for the decades to come.