Janome DC7100

The computer sewing machine DC 7100 provides the amateur seamstresses much comfort at a reasonable price. The clear LC display, stitches can be retrieved and change individually if necessary. Give 14 direct keys allow quick access to 10 popular stitches and four buttonholes. A total of 100 stitches are programmed. A pluggable Overview quickly leads to stitch.

With the threader and the new reel Fast insert the DC 7100 is ready to sew shortly. Functions like Needle Stop Up / Down, Punktvernähen and electronic thread scissors are next to the start / stop button and the infinitely variable regulation of sewing speed as to the amenities such as the twin needle control and an elongation-dial button. The gap is actually programmed. Thus, the machine will automatically cut the threads after sewing. With the machine comes rich accessories, a toggle and a large extension table. So does the DC 7100 sewing even more fun.


Enormous amount of space


As standard, the large extension table with 40 x 28 cm area is equal to it. (Machine representation notwithstanding)



Fast reel insert

Simply insert the coil, pull bobbin thread in the new leadership and no bobbin thread pick los sew.


– 100 sewing programs
– 14 direct keys
– Multi-LC display
– 6 buttonholes 
– Coil Quick functions 
– 2-way LED lighting
– toggle
– buttonhole foot with new reinforcement plate 
– elongation function 
– blindhem 
– Lock-a-Matic stitch 
– Programmable Needle Stop Up / Down 
– sewing without foot control
– Vernähtaste 
– twin needle function
– Automatic-hand threader 
– sewing speed infinitely variable 
– 100% clamping free JANOME gripper 
– 7 mm stitch width for optimal sewing results 
– Multi-Flex feet 
– Adjustable foot pressure 
– free arm  
– Electronic foot control 
– accessory box in Extension table
– Big Extension table
– Hard cover