Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000

Janome Memory Craft 12000 provides plenty of opportunities for creative expression. Whether you’re sewing, quilting or embroidery – now you have the strength to implement any project!

The lines become larger – 9mm, and their collection was replenished with original wide stitches Play Stitches, are astonishingly varied. Especially for working with a nine stitches are twenty new presser feet in the set of accessories.

Now you can use your personal computer to create original stitch from scratch. Your copyrights stitches the machine will take the same way as the built – easily edit, combine and store them in memory Memory Craft 12000 or computer.

Edit designs on the big screen of your computer using the software Horizon Link.

Do you practice quilting, embroidering, dekoriruete garments, or do a combination of all of this, Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 to cope with any of your job. You will get great pleasure from creativity, falling in love with what you’re doing. It really broadens your horizons.

Communication “machine – a computer” through the Horizon Link ™
As before, you can easily edit your designs in the display of the machine, but with the software Horizon Link you have the opportunity to expand the editing functions. Use your personal computer to edit the designs! This means that the screen is not limited to the editing screen of the machine – you expand it to fill the screen of your computer!
AcuFeed Flex ™ (dual feed)
Exclusive promotion system tissue AcuFeed ™ fromJANOME long ago gained popularity among seamstresses and Quilter. The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 the opportunity to improve the device. Now AcuFeed ™ system is removable. Includes two interchangeable devices: the first – with two projections – for stitches and traditional embroidery; the second – with one projection – for more delicate work, for example, Inserting zippers. Fasten – remove the device – very easy!
Stitch Composer™
The unique program Stitch Composer ™ allows you to create your own stitches and edit on your computer. 30 stitches from the main computer memory built into the program. With it you can create your own stitches and easily transfer them to the computer screen in the machine’s memory.
Linear motion systems
In 1990 he released his first JANOME embroidery machine. As the largest manufacturer of industrial robots desktop, JANOME use and improve the technology of robotics in manufacturing embroidery machines. Now these technologies are available and sewing. The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 linear motion system is used in which the linear guide 3 – two on X axis, one on the Y – lead to the movement smooth and accurate even with huge hoops GR.
Automatic presser foot lift
Control the sewing process without taking your hands off your project, the pre-pressing the thread trimming or program this feature. Foot automatically rise after thread trimming. When sewing corners and angles, you can set foot lift at stop the needle in the lowest position.
Width 9 mm SIG-Zagat
Horizon Memory Craft 12000 can create a stitch width of 9mm! With the extra width your decorative stitches become even more attractive.
Change the needle plate in a single step
It is important to use the correct sewing tools. When you work with different fabrics and textures such as silk sewn first and then quilt, better if you use the different needle plate. The scope of Horizon Memory Craft 12000 includes two needle plates – for straight stitch and zig-Zag. With the One Step ™ Plate Converter you can change one plate to the other by clicking on the button.The system includes a sensor that allows you to sew a straight stitch only when the plate is set to straight stitch.So you can be sure that your needle is not broken.
Izmenyayushtiysya zigzag
We like to use the tools and accessories that allow you to diversify our creativity. The Horizon Memory Craft 1200 has a new feature: changing Zig-Zag. This feature allows you to control the stitch width adjustment via knee lever. Start with a straight stitch, and while the machine is still sew, take a knee lifting lever to expand your stitch up to 9mm zigzag. Release the pressure of the knee, in order to gradually return to the straight stitch to finish the wedge. This advanced control opens up amazing possibilities for creating works in the free-running stitch, quilting, applique, decorating, monograms and more.
High embroidery
With embroidery 1,000 stitches per minute The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 has become the most high-speed embroidery machine Janome. Janome technology enabled this speed, without compromising the quality and accuracy of the stitch.
The biggest field of embroidery
The largest embroidery hoop and the region! New hoop GR offers embroidery area 230×300 mm. The unique design of the hoop GR supplemented by magnets, which guarantee the accuracy of the embroidery.
91 needle position
The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 needle is positioned in the 91 position. Given the width of 9 mm Zig-Zag, you can use the capabilities of the machine in decorative stitches and creating your own stitches to achieve great results.
Seeing better!
In addition to the lighting of your work space with ten built-in LEDs in five locations, you can also add more lighting in the area where you need it most: directly under the needle. Just slide HighLight and point it to where you need additional coverage. To increase the magnification is fixed to the machine a special magnifier – move it to where need more visibility and return back, if you do not use it in their work. However, this system reduces eye strain and allows you to sew for hours in comfort!
Free-running quilting
The time from the beginning to the end of the work seems endless, especially when your project – quilt.Horizon Memory Craft 12000 makes the free-running quilting easier than ever. Adjust foot height and preferences of your project – high – for thick quilts with great batting, or lower, if you like the effect when slightly convex stitch. You can save the adjustment in the memory to be used later.
28 cm to the right of the needle
The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 – the largest working surface among the machines of this class ever. Easy Quilt and any project where you need extra space. But it also means that the machine can be operated with the largest embroidery frame with precision and quality, which are known firm JANOME!
The sensor of the bobbin thread
When you are sewing or embroidering a large project, it is very difficult to keep track of how much yarn left on the spool. Typically, the sensor monitoring the bobbin thread indicates that the thread has run out at the wrong time – in the middle of a very important stitch or embroidery.Horizon Memory Craft 12000 has an advanced system of monitoring the bobbin thread sensor, which allows you to set the sensitivity level of the signal – You set your own for how much before the end of the thread is signaled to you.
Compact embroidery unit
Janome’s engineers found a way to make the most professional quality embroidery while maintaining a compact size of the embroidery unit. No other brand can offer so much space for embroidery, with embroidery module compact. The embroidery unit is attached to the rear of the machine, with the work surface to the right of the needle is so big that you do not have to worry even when working with large projects.
Cutting the thread broaches
Now you do not need to stop the machine in embroidery design to cut the thread broaches. The machine will automatically cut the threads at the transition from one design element to another, after cutting it pulls the end of the thread on the wrong side for a professional result.
Automatic presser foot pressure
Sensor Foot Pressure automatically detects the thickness of the fabric and regulates the downward pressure. This ensures smooth and easy movement of the fabric. Also, the pressure can be adjusted manually. This will allow you to reduce the pressure on the thicker cloth, or set according to your preferences.
Superior Ergonomic knee lever
Janome engineers never stop improving. New ergonomic knee lever has been designed to make easy work for seamstresses of any height and build. Now you can sit directly in front of the needle and raise the knee lever, the work that is ideal for a free-running stitches changing zig-Zag or normal sewing.
More stitches more internal Embroidery!
In memory of 12000 Horizon Memory Craft includes a variety of built-in stitches and amazing embroidery designs. You’ll find the 425 built-in stitches, including 13 different types of loops, built-in 338 embroidery designs. With so many stitches and embroidery designs of your creativity is unlimited!

Distinctive features:

·            Sewing and embroidery machines

·            956 sewing operations

o            Working lines

o            overlock stitch

o            knit stitch

o            decorative stitches

o            Alphabet – 4 types (including Russian)

o            loop machine – 12 species (including the eye)

o            Programmable loop 1 views

o            imitation hand embroidery stitches

·            Embroidery operation

o            embroidery designs – 338

o            embroidery alphabets – 10 species

o            monogram 2-3 letters – 3 types

·            Stitch length adjustment from 0 to 5 mm

·            Adjusting the width of the zigzag from 0 to 9 mm

·            Sewing speed pedal 1000st. / Min.

·            Speed ​​Embroidery 1000st. / Min.

·            Built-in Memory 4MB

·            USB port – 2

·            Direct connection to a PC via the Horizon Link

·            Create your stitches using the Stitch Composer

·            Mirroring lines (horizontal)

·            Mirroring embroidery (horizontal and vetikali)

·            The increase / decrease the size of the embroidery from 80% to 120% (1%)

·            Rotate embroidery 1 and 45 degrees

·            Copying embroidery

·            Reinforced puncture needle

·            Automatic return to the point of the needle break

·            Horizontal shuttle

·            LCD touch screen with backlight

·            Control functions via the touch joystick

·            Russified menu

·            Multi-language menu

·            Ability to select favorite embroidery threads

·            Sewing Advisor

·            Lock for security

·            Automatic shut-off bobbin winding

·            Button lift legs

·            Needle position button

·            Auto-lock button

·            Button reverse

·            START / STOP button

·            Key auto-cropping

·            Sewing speed controller

·            Regulator upper thread tension

·            The automatic tensioning

·            The balance control lines

·            Easy clip-on foot

·            Additional lifting foot

·            Automatic pressure regulator tabs on the cloth

·            Possibility podregulirovaniya loop size

·            Personal settings Stitch

·            Built upper conveyor AcuFeed

·            Adjusting the width of the zigzag with the help of the knee lever

·            Two built-in thread cutter

·            Built-in needle threader

·            Lengthened the working surface

o            280mm to the right of the needle

o            160mm to the left of the needle

·            Pull the lamp to illuminate the work surface

·            Free arm

·            Two compartments for storage of accessories

·            Machine weight in the package – 29,93 kg

·            Machine weight – 13.7 kg

·            Weight of machine with embroidery unit – 17.2 kg


Standard accessories:

·            The A Foot

·            Stitch the zipper foot E

·            Blind zipper foot Z

·            Frame for automatic execution of the loop R

·            The stabilizing plate for foot R

·            Overcasting foot M

·            Blind hem foot G

·            Foot for decorative stitches F

·            Foot for decorative stitches F2

·            Foot podrubatel D

·            Darning foot PD-H

·            Quilting foot QC

·            Quilting foot open QO

·            Foot for zigzag quilting QV

·            Foot for topstitching on the edge of 6mm O

·            Foot for sewing on buttons, T

·            The adapter for the upper conveyor wide

·            The adapter for the upper conveyor narrow

·            The upper conveyor foot AD (wide)

·            Foot upper conveyor VD (narrow)

·            Foot for topstitching on the edge of 6 mm OD (wide)

·            Foot to stitch the zipper ED (narrow)

·            Embroidery Foot P

·            Lockstitch needle plate

·            Guide fabric for quilting

·            ПО Horizon Link

·            Bobbin 5 pcs.

·            Set 5pcs of needles.

·            Seam ripper

·            Large Screwdriver

·            Brush the dust

·            Additional spool pin

·            Limiter for small coils – 2 units.

·            Limiter for large coils – 2 units.

·            Scissors

·            Device for difficult places

·            Stylus

·            Guide fabric plastic

·            Side table

·            Пяльцы SQ14 140×140мм

·            Hoop SQ23 230×230мм

·            Hoop GR 230×300мм

·            Hoop FA10 100×40мм

·            Magnetic clips for hoops

·            Bobbin holder Embroidery

·            Set for embroidery (stabilizer, felt, bobbin thread)

·            Magnifying glass

·            The knee lever

·            USB Cable

·            Storage pouch

·            Bag-cover for the embroidery unit