Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000

Janome Memory Craft 15000


Innovative sewing and embroidery machine JANOME Memory Craft 15000 – a real breakthrough in the world of domestic sewing and embroidery machines. This car embodies an advanced engineering technology, it is endowed with intelligence and a computer for the first time on it, you can create with the help of Apple iPad!

All you need is to download the software in App store: AcuMonitor and AcuEdit.

The first application AcuMonitor allows you to remotely monitor the process of embroidery.

The second application AcuEdit allows Apple iPad to create embroidery designs while relaxing on the couch.

Owners JANOME Horizon Memory Craft 15000 after the first connection get instant access to your Apple iPad to all the 480 built-in embroidery designs.

With a sewing machine, you can transform any items, clothing, elements of interior (curtains, pillows, blankets), all that is required!

JANOME Horizon Memory Craft 15000 – designed especially for you! She cares about your time allows you to control the entire process of creating a distance! 

Distinctive features

·            Sewing and embroidery machines

·            1066 sewing operations

o            Working lines

o            overlock stitch

o            knit stitch

o            decorative stitches

o            Alphabet – 4 types (including Russian)

o            loop machine – 13 species (including the eye)

o            imitation hand embroidery stitches

·            Embroidery operation

o            embroidery designs – 480

o            embroidery alphabets – 11 species

o            monogram 2-3 letters – 8 species

o            dekoratyvnыe trails – 100

·            Stitch length adjustment from 0 to 5 mm

·            Adjusting the width of the zigzag from 0 to 9 mm

·            91 needle position

·            Sewing speed pedal 1000st. / Min.

·            Speed ​​Embroidery 1000st. / Min.

·            Compact embroidery unit

·            Maximum embroidery field 230 x 300 mm

·            The maximum size of the embroidery design 200000 stitches

·            Supported formats embroidery – jef, jef +, jpx

·            USB port – 2

·            Wireless connection to a PC via Horizon Link

·            Wireless connection to iPad through applications AcuMonitor ™ and AcuEdit ™

·            Create your stitches using the Stitch Composer

·            Compatibility with software Cutwork

·            Mirroring lines (horizontal and vertical)

·            Button to return to the beginning of the stitch

·            Function extension stitch up to 5 times

·            Programming pattern combination

·            Function lifter to rotate

·            Sewing Advisor

·            Mirroring embroidery (horizontally and vertically)

·            The increase / decrease the size of the embroidery from 80% to 120% (1%)

·            Rotate embroidery 1 and 45 degrees

·            Copying embroidery

·            Determination of the sewing order

·            Combining colors

·            Automatic return to the point of the needle break

·            LCD touch screen with backlight

·            Reinforced puncture needle

·            Horizontal shuttle

·            Russified menu

·            Multi-language menu

·            Ability to select favorite embroidery threads

·            Lock for security

·            Automatic shut-off bobbin winding

·            A device for winding the bobbin thread cutter built 5

·            Key independent winding the bobbin

·            Fully automatic needle threader

·            Button lift legs

·            Needle position button

·            Auto-lock button

·            Button reverse

·            START / STOP button

·            Key auto-cropping

·            Sewing speed controller

·            Quick start

·            The automatic tensioning

·            Adjustable thread tension

·            The balance control lines

·            Easy clip-on foot

·            Additional lifting foot

·            Automatic pressure regulator tabs on the cloth

·            Possibility podregulirovaniya loop size

·            Personal settings Stitch – 2 folders

·            Built upper conveyor AcuFeed

·            Adjusting the width of the zigzag with the help of the knee lever

·            Two built-in thread cutter

·            Lengthened the working surface

·            Pull the lamp to illuminate the work surface

·            Free arm

·            Two compartments for storage of accessories

·            Machine weight per pack – 36.3 kg

·            Machine weight – 15.7 kg

·            Weight of machine with embroidery unit – 19.2 kg

·            Japan production


Standard Equipment

·            The A Foot

·            Stitch the zipper foot E

·            Blind zipper foot Z

·            Frame for automatic execution of the loop R

·            The stabilizing plate for foot R

·            Overcasting foot M

·            Blind hem foot G

·            Foot for decorative stitches F

·            Foot open for decorative stitches F2

·            Foot podrubatel D

·            Darning foot PD-H

·            Quilting foot QC

·            Quilting foot open QO

·            Foot for zigzag quilting QV

·            Foot for topstitching on the edge of 6mm O

·            Foot for sewing on buttons, T

·            The adapter for the upper conveyor wide

·            The adapter for the upper conveyor narrow

·            The upper conveyor foot AD (wide)

·            Foot upper conveyor VD (narrow)

·            Foot for topstitching the edge (6 mm) OD (wide)

·            Foot to stitch the zipper ED (narrow)

·            Foot open top conveyor UD (wide)

·            Embroidery Foot P

·            Lockstitch needle plate

·            Guide fabric for quilting

·            ПО Horizon Link

·            Bobbin 5 pcs.

·            Set 5pcs of needles. (4 and 1 double)

·            Seam ripper

·            Large Screwdriver

·            Brush the dust

·            Additional spool pin

·            Limiter for small coils 

·            Limiter for large coils

·            The holder of a coil

·            Felt pad

·            Fishnet

·            Scissors

·            Device for difficult places

·            Stylus

·            Guide fabric plastic

·            Oiler with oil

·            Side table

·            SQ14 140x140mm hoop with the template

·            SQ23 230x230mm hoop with the template

·            GR Hoop 230x300mm with template

·            FA10 Hoop 100x40mm with a template

·            Pyalytsы ASQ22 220x220mm with shablonom

·            Magnetic clamps hoop SQ23 and GR

·            Magnetic clamps hoop ASQ22

·            Bobbin holder Embroidery

·            Set for embroidery (stabilizer, felt, bobbin thread)

·            Magnifying glass – 3 Tips

·            The knee lever

·            Large pedal for pedal niteobrezki

·            USB Cable

·            Checklist icons functions

·            DVD’s instructions

·            Storage pouch

·            Bag-cover for the embroidery unit