Janome FM-725 Felting Machine

Janome FM725 Front ViewThis needle-felting machine sets itself apart from the rest of the Janome models. The FM-725 doesn’t sew. It uses barbed needles to combine fabrics. Threads blend into new color and texture combinations un-achievable with simple needlework. What’s the most impressive part about this machine? It requires no bobbin, no thread, and no previous experience.

The name says it all. The Janome FM-725 felting machine is not a traditional sewing machine. It is a felting machine that uses barbed needle to work on fabrics. You don’t need thread, bobbins or even sewing experience to use this machine to create beautiful projects. It is exceptional and unique. So get yours today!



Janome FM-725 5_needle_unitFive needle unit

The Janome FM-725 comes with very sharp needles that have barbs on them. These so called barbs are able to separate out fibers for any fabric and send them down through the layers. The five needles help you to perform even the most complicated projects. The machine also has a single needle unit.

Janome FM-725 5_hole_designFive Hole Design

This model comes with both a five-hole needle plate as well as a single-hole needle plate. The five-hole needle plate is especially useful to hold fabrics in place for difficult projects.


Janome FM-725 Lint_BoxEasy Clean Lint Box

The lint box is easily accessible making it a breeze to clean. It is also protected from the motor to prevent any damage from lint and debris getting in.

Janome FM-725 Free_ArmFree Arm

The base storage box is removable. This feature provides you with more room for those cumbersome projects.

Janome FM-725 Presser_FeetAdjustable Presser Foot and Finger Guard

Both the adjustable presser foot and finger guard are clear. That way you can see what you’re doing and make any required adjustments and keeping your finger safe as you work.


Other features include:

  • Standard foot control

  • Bright working light

  • Durable construction

Standard Accessories

You receive standard accessories when you buy the Janome FM 725 machine. Here’s a list of them:

  • Replacement Needles

  • Single Needle Unit

  • Single Replacement Needle

  • Single Hole Needle Plate

  • Five-Needle Unit

  • Five Hole Needle Plate

  • Screwdriver

  • Hexagonal Wrench

  • Lint Brush