Janome MC350e Embroidery Machine

When it comes to professional-looking embroidery from the comfort of your own home, the Janome Memory Craft 350E embroidery machine is top-notch. This embroidery-only machine makes it easy to embellish your projects with a polished look with its exclusive built-in embroidery unit and display screen. The Janome MC350e gives you the option to choose from its pre-programmed designs or download new ones from the Internet. Options to resize, edit, and combine embroidery designs give you the ability to customize and keep your projects looking fresh and unique. The Janome 350E is programmed to automatically stop sewing after each color in the embroidery design is finished. All you have to do thread up the next one and let the Janome MC350e work its magic.

Janome Memory Craft 350E Embroidery Machine

 The Janome Memory Craft 350E is a high-end, embroidery-only machine. It is competent enough for any embellishment or embroidery projects you can think of. Make your favourite clothing items uniquely your own, create personalized gifts for weddings or baby showers, the 350E can do it all, you just have to pick the thread colors.

Its features are exceptional. It has an automatic thread cutter, USB port, and LCD touch screen. The Memory Craft 350E can help you with precision stitching so all your embroidery pursuits are successful. Get your machine today

 Accomplish More In Less Time

The MC350E is very reliable and precise, while it is stitching out your design, you can be working on your serger or regular sewing machine. The automatic thread cutter also will save you time as you will just need to switch threads when it’s ready.

Makes It Uniquely Yours With Professional-Style Embroidery

Since your designs will be direct reflection on your style and creativity, the MC350E will make sure you look professional. Complete precision is what you get with the MC350E’s built-in embroidery mechanism, another Janome Exclusive.



  • Connectivity

The use of the USB port provides you with extra design choices. You can use this feature to transfer designs from a CD-ROM, ones you download from the internet, or edit and create your own designs using Janome embroidery software like Customizer or Digitizer. Then transfer designs directly to your MC350E using a USB memory stick. The processor speed in the 350E is much faster then previous models, which saves you time.


  • Versatile

This machine allows you to use four hoops of different sizes, three built-in alphabets and a hundred built-in embroidery designs. In addition, its file system is superior so you can create and access multiple folders from PC cards and USB keys.


  • Backlit LCD Touch Screen

The LCD touch screen provides you with improved navigation and functionality. You can edit designs, add fonts, and even save edited files. It’s so easy to use that even beginners and advanced users can


  • Automatic Thread Cutter

With an automatic thread cutter, you don’t need to reach for a scissor every time. This feature is one of the favorite of embroiderers, once the machine is done stitching with a color, it will automatically cut the threads.

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Full List

This machine can do the following:

  • 100 built-in designs

  • 3 fonts

  • 2 & 3 letter monogramming

  • Embroidery speed up to 650 stitches per minute




  • Embroidery design resize 90% – 110% by 1%

  • Embroidery area tracing

  • Flip vertically and horizontally

  • Maximum Embroidery Size: 140x200mm

  • Available Hoops: Standard 140x200mm, Standard 126x110mm, Optional 200x230mm, Optional 50×50 mm

  • Rotate in 1 and 45 degree increments

  • Auto thread cutter

  • Upper thread and presser foot sensors

  • Manual thread tension control

  • Ball bearing precision

  • Stitch-out time indicator

  • Stitch counter

  • Backlit LCD screen

  • MY SET screen controls for contrast, in/cm, designation, and other customization

  • USB memory key compatible

  • ATA PC card port

  • Built-in Folder System, Ability to Create Folders To Store Designs, up to Memory Capacity

  • LCD Backlight 4.7″, Grayscale, Touch Panel 97×73 mm

  • Janome software compatibility

  • Expanded built-in memory

  • Multi-language selection

  • Drag & Drop editing for easy placement

  • Zoom in and out

  • Lighting: Wedge base 1pc

  • Eco Mode

  • Soft Cover



Standard Accessories

The machine comes standard with:

  • Needles

  • A Hoop (126×110) and B Hoop (140×200)

  • Bobbins

  • Spool Holder: small; large

  • Spool Holder

  • Spool Pin

  • Screwdriver

  • Scissors

  • Felt

  • Lint Brush

  • Instruction Book and CD-ROM

  • Template Sheets (for Built-in Designs)

  • Vinyl Machine Cover