June 27th, 2019: Janome Skyline S9: The Perfect Sewing Machine for Home Décor Projects


June 27th, 2019

Revamping your living space with DIY home décor projects is not only a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your surroundings, but it also adds a personalized touch that store-bought items simply can’t replicate. The Janome Skyline S9, with its advanced features and user-friendly design, is an ideal companion for these projects. From custom curtains to intricate quilts, let’s explore how the S9 can elevate your home décor creations.

An Array of Stitches for All Your Needs

The Skyline S9 boasts 300 built-in stitches, including 11 one-step buttonholes, and 250 embroidery designs, offering you an extensive range of options for your home décor projects. Not only will you have all the utility stitches you may need for the construction of your projects, you have many decorative stitches to choose from. Using the machine’s intuitive interface the S9 lets you effortlessly combine stitches together for even further creativity. You can also create your own stitches from scratch using the stitch composer software! Imagine adding a delicate vine pattern to your curtain edges, or creating a unique table runner adorned with intricate geometric designs – with the S9, the possibilities are truly endless.

Embroidery Capabilities for Added Flair

Home décor is all about expressing your personality and what better way to do that than with custom embroidery? The S9’s advanced embroidery features allow you to add monograms, motifs, or intricate designs to your home furnishings. Its 250 built-in embroidery designs, alongside the ability to upload designs, provide a treasure trove of possibilities for embellishing everything from throw pillows to table linens, curtains, and even wall art. The machine’s advanced embroidery unit ensures precise design placement and execution, delivering professional results every time. The maximum embroidery size of 6.7 x 7.9 inches accommodates larger designs, which can make a striking impact on home decor items. The Skyline S9’s many apps allow you to plan, edit, and perfect your designs on a

larger screen before transferring them to the machine. You can even monitor your machines progress in real time from another room using the AcuMonitor app. Coupled with the full-color LCD touch screen on the machine, it gives you unprecedented control over your embroidery projects. In essence, the Janome Skyline S9 empowers you to transform your home into a personalized sanctuary with a touch of creativity and sophistication.

Versatility to Handle Different Fabrics

From delicate sheers for window treatments to heavy upholstery fabrics for revamping an old chair, home décor projects can involve a wide range of materials. The S9’s ability to handle various fabric thicknesses and types with ease, combined with its adjustable presser foot pressure, ensures you have the right settings for every fabric in your project. The AcuFeed Flex™ fabric feeding system ensures that even layers of fabric move smoothly under the needle, perfect for bulky or layered projects.

Large Workspace for Bigger Projects

With its expansive 8” throat space, the Skyline S9 can accommodate larger home décor projects such as quilts, curtains, or duvet covers.

Precision and Control

When it comes to home décor, precision matters. The S9’s advanced features, such as the automatic thread cutter and easy-to-use LCD touch screen, provide you with control over every stitch. The machine also includes several feet suitable for home décor projects, like the zipper foot for pillow covers or the blind hem foot for curtains.

The pivot function on the Janome Skyline S9 brings a level of precision and ease to home decor projects that can truly transform the sewing experience. This feature, which keeps the needle down and automatically lifts the presser foot when you stop sewing, allows for smooth transitions and precise control, especially when sewing corners or intricate corners on items like pillows, curtains, or table runners. It enhances your ability to navigate tight spaces or intricate patterns, ensuring a professional finish on all your home decor sewing projects. The pivot function eliminates the need to manually lift the presser foot and turn the fabric, allowing you to focus more on the design, precision, and creativity of

your project. With the Skyline S9’s pivot function; you can create intricate, high-quality home decor items with less effort and more enjoyment.

The knee lift feature on the Janome Skyline S9 brings a whole new level of convenience and precision to your home decor projects. This feature allows you to raise and lower the presser foot with a simple movement of your knee, leaving your hands free to handle your fabric. This is particularly useful when sewing intricate home decor items, like detailed throw pillows or complex curtain designs, where precise control and fabric manipulation is needed. With the knee lift, you can easily manage corners and curves, ensuring seamless stitching and professional-looking results. Whether you’re creating unique cushion covers or personalized tablecloths, the knee lift on the Skyline S9 enhances your sewing capabilities, making home decor projects an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


Whether you’re an experienced sewist or a beginner eager to add a personal touch to your home, the Janome Skyline S9 offers the features, flexibility, and ease-of-use you need for your home décor projects. By bringing precision, versatility, and a wealth of decorative options to your fingertips, the S9 makes it possible to transform your home with unique, personalized décor items. In the world of DIY home décor, the Skyline S9 isn’t just a tool; it’s the key to a home that truly reflects your style and personality.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Janome prides itself on providing excellent customer support, 
Additionally, the machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring the user’s peace of mind.

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