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About Toews Sewing Service Department

Calvin Toews personally does 100% of all the sewing machine repairs. At Toews Sewing we service all makes and models of sewing machines, Sergers Industrial Overlocks & Industrial Sewing Machines. Growing up in the family business Calvin is a journeyman sewing machine technician, with 38 years full-time experience.

As a member of the Toews family, Calvin remembers being a young child and sitting on his grandfather’s workbench, watching him repair sewing machines, He still has all his Grandfathers original technical service manuals of all the different brands of sewing machines we have sold over our 68 Years in Business. The manuals go all the way back to our founding. In 1948 we started out selling Elna, Pfaff & Bernina Sewing machines door to door. Sales were great and we opened Toews Sewing in 1950.

We service and repair most brands of sewing machines including:

Baby Lock
Reliable Industrial 
Handi Quilter

Whether you need service, updates or sewing machine repair, Calvin Toews, our sewing machine repairman is here to help.

Calvin personally oversees Toews sewing machine repair and service work on all makes and models of:

Sewing Machines
Embroidery Machines
Quilting Machines

Long Arm Quilting Machines
Industrial Sewing Machines
Leather/ Upholstery Machines

Sewing Machine Repair & Service
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Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing Machine 6 Step Major
Overhaul Program

Step 1 –
Clean, Grease and Lubricate
A: Disassemble all necessary parts
B: Chemically clean and lubricate
C: Check working parts for finish and wear

Step 2 –
Check and Adjust Thread Handling Mechanism
A: Needle
B: Upper needle thread guide
C: Thread take-up lever
D: Disassemble thread tension and clean
E: Spool pin and spool holder
F: Bobbin winding system

Step 3 –
Electrical Safety Inspection
A: Check all electrical connections
B: Check speed controller and bracket holder
C: Adjust belt tension

Step 4 –
Check and Adjust Handling Mechanism
A: Presser foot hight, squareness & alignment
B: Pressure regulating mechanism
C: Feed regulator and timing
D: Stitch-length regulator
E: Feed dog height and throw

Step 5 –
Filing and polishing
A: Rotating hook
B: Throat plate
C: Needle bar
D: Needle plateFiling and polishing

Step 6 –
Abrading and Buffing
A: Gears
B: Gear shaft bushings

Sewing Machine Services

The Toews family business was founded back in 1950 and even though today’s sewing machines now include the latest and greatest technology, we have stood by our principles for providing honest and traditional customer service.

We can help you with proper maintenance and care using genuine sewing machine parts so you can continue to enjoy using your sewing machine for years to come.

Talk to our Toews sewing machine service department if you need:

Sewing machine repair
Regular maintenance or service
Technical support (including machine updates)
Software updates
Sewing machine training, tips and classes
Sewing machine accessories
Embroidery designs

Whether you need needles and thread or scissors, if we don’t have the sewing machine or accessory in stock Toews will be happy to special order it for you.

Other Sewing Machine Repair

From basic to top-of-the-line commercial and industrial sewing machines, Toews sells and services a great selection of beginner, intermediate and advanced models of sewing machines, sergers and quilting machines. Ask us about:

Janome Sewing Machine Repair
Elna Sewing Machine Repair

Titan Industrial Sewing Machine Repair
Singer Sewing Machine Repair
Pfaff Sewing Machine Repair
Brother Sewing Machine Repair

At Toews, we stand behind all our sewing machine sales, warranties and service, plus we offer Free Financing on sewing machine salesincluding 6 months and 12 months 0% interest free financing (not applicable to Janome SAH online shopping).

Please inquire for details at 604-859-1801

Contact Toews

As an Authorized Janome Dealer, Toews is happy to take care of any Janome warranty issues you may have.

If you are looking to buy Janome sewing machines we welcome you to come see our showroom.  If you have any questions about sewing machine repair, service, or warranty work, please contact us:

Visit us at:
2518A Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford, BC
Call: 604-859-1801
Contact: Sewing Machine Repair & Service

Serving the Greater Vancouver area including:

Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock, Maple Ridge, Mission, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Harrison, and Hope.

Sewing Machine Repair Question

Q: The lower thread breaks on my sewing machine, what should I do?
A: There is a possibility that you’re threading the bobbin is wrong.
A: There is a possibility that lint has accumulated in hook assembly.
A: There is a possibility that the bobbin has a chip or scratch, rotation of the thread may not be smooth. If bobbin has a chip or scratch we recommend exchanging bobbins
Q: I am getting puckering on the seams on my sewing machine, what should I do?
A: Try a ball point needle.
A: Try sewing in the left needle position.
A: The upper thread tension could be to tight.
A: The needle may be too thick for the cloth.
Q: I have a loop’s on the under seam, what should I do?
A: The top thread tension may be too weak.
A: Could have a scratch on needle plate or hook that the thread is staging on.
A: There is a possibility that the winding tension of the bobbin is not correct.
Q: The sewing machine needle breaks, what should I do?
A: There is a possibility that the needle is attached wrong
A: There is a possibility that the needle is bent
A: The needle set screw may be loose.
A: There is a possibility that the upper thread tension is too strong
A: The needle may be too thin with respect to the fabric
A: Is the fabric extra thick? Are you forcibly turning a dial etc. when a needle is penetrating into the fabric?
Q: The fabric is not feeding well What should I do?
A: There is a possibility that lint scraps are accumulated in the feed dog
A: There is a possibility that the feed dog is down in the darning setting
Q: The sewing machine is not engaging, what should I do?
A: There is a possibility that the clutch / bobbin winder knob is not tight
A: There may be threads and lint buildup in the feed dogs.
Q: The sewing machine does not feed fabric, what should I do?
A: There is a possibility that the bobbin winder is engaged. → Move the bobbin winder to the left and release the bobbin thread winding state.
A: There is a possibility that the clutch knob is in the thread winding position. (Clutch type is limited to some models)→ Push (turn) the clutch knob to release the bobbin thread winding position.
A: There is a possibility that the presser foot is raised. (Only some models with hold-up sensors)→ Please lower the presser foot.
Q: What is the difference between Electric sewing machines, Electronic sewing machines and Computer sewing machines?
A1: 【Electric Sewing Machine】Starting and stopping with the foot controller, the type that switched the power source of the sewing machine from the foot stepping to the motor, the speed adjustment is done by adjusting the depression. It is not possible to have auto needle up/down stop position of the needle when stopping the sewing machine.
A2: 【Electronic Sewing Machine】 In addition to the function of the electric sewing machine, Janome machines have the function which can start / stop at hand, and the function which can adjust the speed to your preference, the highest speed slowly and gradually early. Dial the selection of the pattern. When stopping the sewing machine, the needle stop position (upper stop, lower stop) can be fixed.
A3: 【Computer Sewing Machine】 In addition to the function of the electric sewing machine, computer control with a built-in microcomputer automatically performs various functions such as up and down movement of the needle and thread tension. It is possible to do just by touching a pattern selection or setting with a button, depending on the model, automatic thread cutting and error message etc are excellent in operability. There are also models capable of complicated pattern sewing, character sewing and embroidery. JANOME’s embroidery sewing machine has a built-in embroidery machine on the sewing machine body and can be easily prepared.
Q: What is the difference between a Janome front loading oscillating hook and a Janome drop in rotary hook?
A: Janome Vertical Shuttle:
A vertical “sewing” shuttle is a classic type of shuttle that performs vibrational movements during operation. Also known as a front loading oscillating hook. It is installed on Janome, electromechanical models of sewing machines. Only metal bobbin case can be used with this type of shuttle.    
A: Janome Horizontal Shuttle:
Also known as a drop in rotary hook, this is the most modern and common type of shuttle. The bobbin is inserted from above, you can always visually check the remainder of the lower thread through the clear cover of the shuttle. A Janome sewing machine with such a shuttle is very quiet, easy to thread and runs with minimal vibration. The bobbin case is held in place with the aide of a magnet, as a result its best to use Janome plastic bobbins. Metal bobbins will work however the magnet will have a small “North South Magnetic” effect that pulsates tension. (Best to use only authentic Janome bobbins)