Janome Skyline S3

Experience the difference – The new generation of sewing enthusiasts Janome Skyline S3

The new S3 SKYLINE – for young and young recreational dressmakers. Modern functionality and extensive power in perfection with Janome sewing quality.

The Skyline S3 brings everything with what makes a real Janome.
Whether the Multi-Flex feet, the helpful threader or a continuously variable speed – beginners and experts will love this technique. 4 bright LEDs light up the work area, and thanks to the Start / stop button is possible sewing without foot control. The enclosed DVD guides the user quickly to the world of SKYLINE S3. And in the break times, the cover ensures a Vertaubung ago.


Simple Info display!

Simply clear the informative display shows all important information at a glance: sewing, stitch width and stitch length, thread tension recommendation for, the presser foot etc.

Convenient Features

Needle stop up or down, press automatic thread cutting at the seam end or Vernähtaste sufficient and skyline S3 care of the rest. It fits the sewing your Nähkönnen and the sewing project to.

LED Light

With 4 LED lamps, the Skyline has an optimal distribution of light on the entire sewing area. Sewing without Augenermüden with always the best lighting of the sewing material.

Superior Plus Feed System SFS +

SFS + is a development of Janome engineers who offers Nähspaß pure. In conjunction with the 7-segment transporter you will always achieve optimum seams. The SFS + Transport operates in parallel with the fabric instead of passing roll at him.


  • Terminal Free horizontal gripper
  • 120 stitches fitted
  • 7 automatic Einstufenknopflöcher
  • 3 Nähschriften
  • Superior Feed System Plus (SFS +)
  • Automatic thread tension
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Snap-on Multi-Flex feet
  • coil Quick insert
  • winder with cutting device
    above • needle stop button / down
  • 7-segment transporter
  • free arm
  • retractable transporter
  • Start / stop button
  • Speed ​​controller
  • Vernähtaste
  • Electronic thread cutter
  • Ergonomic reverse button
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • winder with automatic shutdown
  • Illuminated LC display
  • Fußdruckregulierung
  • Workspace illuminated by 4 LEDs
  • Maximum stitch width: 7 mm
  • Maximum stitch length: 5 mm
  • Maximum sewing speed:. 820 stitches / min
  • Working area: 210mm x 120mm
  • Semi-soft cover