Janome Skyline S5

SKYLINE – A sewing machine series for young, creative people who make their environment exceptional, authentic, unique and personal. The SKYLINE goes with fashion. The extensive stitch selection ensures each Nähprojektes for the solution. Whether a thick coat material, a fine batiste or stable canvas is sewn, with a few simple steps, the SKYLINE is set for it. So sewing is a pleasure, even for newcomers to the world of fabrics, needles and threads. Or how about a new home décor.Cushions, curtains, table sets and Co. are stitched quickly with a skyline and beautify the home.SKYLINE S5 Can it be a little more comfort? Then the S5 SKYLINE is the right choice. In addition to the functions of this machine S3 allows for raising and lowering the presser foot by toggle. Very convenient if you need to have both hands on the fabric, z. B. in corners. For more fun stitch the SKYLINE S5 sewn with a stitch width of 9mm. And with up to 1,000 stitches per minute it is faster than its little sister. In addition, the SKYLINE is S5 prepared for connecting a thread scissors footswitch. The SKYLINE S5 still provides a little more: With the elongation button located satin stitches can stretch up to 5-fold length at constant density. Are children in the vicinity which are key button locks the sewing functions. When sewing the name skylines have 3 fonts S5 also has a 9mm-publication. Per memory key can play simple stitch combinations can be programmed on request with tie-off and thread cutting.


Simple Info display!

The heart of the machine is the SKYLINE functional keypad with illuminated display. All important settings are made here. After entering the stitch number, the SKYLINE already the stitch width and length an optimal. All stitches are shown on the overview in the cover. The right Fußempfehlung appear on each stitch on the display. 

Convenient Features – Start + Stop automatic thread cutter button – Vernähtaste 

Needle stop up or down, press the thread trimming at the seam end or Vernähtaste sufficient and skyline S5 does the rest. It fits the sewing your Nähkönnen and the sewing project to.

LED Light

With 6 LED lights skyline has an optimal distribution of light on the entire sewing area. Sewing without Augenermüden with always the best lighting of the sewing material.

Accessory compartment

In order for the accessories and important Nähutensilien are always close at hand, is located under the flap of a compartment with removable extension table Füßchen- and coil storage. With a handle dissolves the extension table when needed and from the SKYLINE is a perfect Freiarmnähmaschine. Tubular parts can be processed better in this way.

Quick Change needle plate

The SKYLINE S5 is equipped with the quick-change needle plate. For sewing work the straight stitch needle plate is included as a standard accessory and used with two handles. And the ulitmate Kick: The SKYLINE recognizes the needle plate and blocks all stitches that are not suitable for this sewing. Needle breakage or damage the needle plate is prevented.

Superior Plus Feed System SFS +

SFS + is a development of Janome engineers who offers Nähspaß pure. In conjunction with the 7-segment transporter you will always achieve optimum seams. The SFS + Transport operates in parallel with the fabric instead of passing roll at him.


• Terminal Free horizontal gripper
• 170 stitches fitted
• 10 automatic Einstufenknopflöcher
• 4 Nähschriften
• Superior Feed System Plus (SFS +)
• Automatic thread tension
• Built-in needle threader
• Snap-on Multi-Flex feet
• coil Quick insert
• winder with cutting device
above • needle stop button / down
• stitch plate quick change
• 7-segment tranporteur
• free arm
• retractable transporter
• Start / stop button
• Speed ​​controller
• Vernähtaste
• Electronic thread cutter
• Ergonomic reverse button
• Adjustable toggle
• Extra high presser foot lift
• winder with automatic shutdown
• Illuminated LC display
• Fußdruckregulierung
• workspace by 6 LEDs illuminated
• Maximum stitch width: 9mm
• Maximum stitch length: 5mm
• Maximum sewing speed:. 1,000 stitches / min
• Working area: 210mm x 120mm
• Semi-soft cover