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Janome HD3000 Black Features, Benefits & FAQS

  • Main Features of the Janome HD3000BE Sewing Machine

    Weight: 18.7 pounds
    Hard Cover: Yes
    Buttonhole: 1-step
    Free Arm: Yes
    Stitches: 18 with stitch chart
    Speed: 860 Stitches per minute
    Reverse: Yes
    Needle Threader: Yes
    Presser Foot: Extra high, snap on and pressure adjustable
    Stitch Length and Width: Adjustable

  • Express yourself - Easily

    Sewing is not just a useful and practical skill; it's also a wonderful creative expression. The Janome HD3000 and HD3000BE sewing machines are so versatile that they’re made for people of many skill levels.
    Aunt Sally, even grandpa Barney can use these sewing machines in several useful and creative ways.
    If there are several users (or potential users) in your family, either one of these machines will make an excellent choice. When you look up Janome HD3000 or HD3000BE reviews online on Amazon, you'll notice that they’ve become popular mechanical sewing machines. These have many features you'd expect from a reliable sewing machine, with the additions of a needle threader and an onboard thread cutter.
    These built-in assets are most useful indeed. You won’t often find them on basic mechanical sewing machines as standard features.

  • HD3000BE presser foot pressure adjustable?

    Yes, it is. Adjustable pressure on the presser foot is controlled just by turning a dial. It's especially useful for sewing different types of fabric.
    The adjustable presser foot pressure makes these sewing machines accommodating for many types of fabrics. It doesn't matter whether you're working with thick fabrics or thin. You decide how little or how much pressure to apply. It can take some practice here to get things just right.
    Set pressure dial to one or two while working with light weight fabrics like lace and chiffon.
    Adjust the dial to three for regular sewing garments.

  • HD3000BE have a free arm?

    Yes, just slide off the storage compartment to access the free arm. With free arm capability, it’s much easier to sew shirt sleeves and pant legs.

  • HD3000BE come with a hard cover?

    Yes, it does. A protective hardcover for the sewing machine makes it easier to move around your house while having all the essential parts and pieces with you.
    It is only a cover which sits on the top of the machine and allows you to access the handle of the machine to move it around. However, there is no protection on the bottom of the sewing machine.

  • How many stitches do the Janome HD3000 and HD3000 Black Edition have?

    There are 18 stitches at your disposal on these sewing machines. You can choose whatever stitch you like by simply turning the dial. As you switch from one stitch to another, a small light illuminates under an image of the actual stitch to verify your selection.

  • Is there any stitch selection guide on the Janome HD3000BE?

    Whenever you lift the lid of the HD3000 or HD3000BE, a handy instruction/guide panel is right there at your fingertips. If you’re unsure of which presser foot to use in any particular situation, the guide will serve as a quick reference tool.

    Follow the recommendations, and you should be good to go. It is particularly useful for beginners and equally helpful for more experienced sewing enthusiasts who want to double-check before proceeding with a stitch they rarely use.

  • Can I adjust stitch length and width on the Janome HD3000BE?

    Beside the stitch selection guide there are the sliders to control the length and width. The top slider controls the width of the stitch, while the lower slider is used for adjusting the length.

  • Is there a Buttonhole on the Janome HD3000 and HD3000BE?

    Yes, both of these sewing machines have a one-step buttonhole and special buttonhole foot that makes sewing buttonholes a breeze. Simply select the buttonhole and set the width and length as per the stitch guide or manual. Place the button you are using in the back of the foot. Snap the buttonhole foot onto the machine and pull the buttonhole lever down. These machines will make a perfectly sized buttonhole every time.

  • Open-toe darning foot

    Machine comes with an open-toe darning foot for free motion quilting.

  • What kind of fabrics can the Janome HD3000 andHD3000BE handle?

    These sewing machines can handle a wide variety of fabrics. Some of them are listed below:

    Lightweight fabrics:
    Lace, Crepe de Chine, Silk, Voile, Chiffon, Lawn, Organdy, Georgette, Lycra, Nylon
    Medium weight fabrics:
    Percale, Linens, Pique, Cotton, Serge Double Knits.
    Heavyweight fabrics:
    Drapery, Denim, Tweed, Coating, Gabardine and Upholstery fabric

  • Can they sew through heavy duty leather on these sewing machines?

    Although you can sew through faux leather and other thin leather garments, you should avoid using Janome HD3000 and HD3000 Black Edition for industrial grade leather.

  • Will the Janome HD3000 and HD3000BE sew thin material like silk?

    Yes. You can sew silk, chiffon, Lycra and more with these sewing machines. What's of vital importance here is that you use the right needle and try a walking foot.
    You should always test your results on a scrap piece of the fabric you are working with before starting a project. It enables you to make the correct adjustments in pressure and tension as needed, so your project turns out flawless.

  • How many layers of denim can these sewing machines handle?

    The Janome HD3000 and HD3000 Black Edition can handle up to eight layers of denim.

  • Do you need to oil the Janome HD3000 and HD3000BE?

    No, these sewing machines do not require any oiling as per the manual. Maintenance is easy, just clean the hook race, feed dogs and bobbin area after each use.
    The head of the sewing machine can be wiped down with a soft cloth. Sewing machines should be serviced once a year if being used on a regular basis.
    As with any piece of electrical equipment, it's a good idea to have it serviced by a qualified repair professional. It will give you peace of mind that any maintenance work completed is done properly. This will extend the life of your sewing machine. Treat your new Janome HD3000 or HD3000BE as a valuable tool, and you're much more likely to enjoy more years of reliable service from it.

  • Can I use the Janome HD3000 or HD3000 Black Edition for commercial purpose?

    No. It should be noted that these sewing machines, although called a "heavy-duty" sewing machines, are not meant for commercial use. They are intended to be used in a home setting only.
    So, if your sewing machine is being used for extended periods of time, or used heavily day after day, you will need to service it accordingly, but don’t expect it to last for years if it’s going non-stop. That’s NOT what it was designed to handle.
    As with any piece of equipment, you should never force anything. If there appears to be any problem, or weird sound coming from your sewing machine, consult your manual, before talking to a service professional. That applies to whatever brand of sewing machine you ultimately settle on.

  • Who is the Janome HD3000 or HD3000BE best suited for?

    These sewing machines are best used by families who have multiple people who might want to use it at various times.
    They’re excellent for beginners - even children in elementary school getting their first taste of sewing and working with fabrics. A quality mechanical sewing machine is always the best to learn on, and the HD3000 and HD3000BE are rock-solid.
    They’re equally good for intermediate and advanced home users because of its versatility, stability and the fine quality stitches they produce.

  • Review Pros of Janome HD3000 and HD3000BE heavy duty mechanical sewing machines:

    The HD3000 and HD3000 Black Edition from Janome are stable sewing machines built from a heavy-duty aluminum frame. This is the foundation of a sewing machine. If the frame is inadequate, it doesn’t matter about all the bells and whistles the manufacturer adds to it.
    Handy on board tutorial and reference guide you can refer to whenever you get stuck. This is quite useful and is always just a flip away.
    These sewing machines efficiently produces stitches that are polished. That’s what makes it a favorite among experienced seamstresses.
    They are not a computerized sewing machines, and yet they are easy to use, and the end result is top level. The design of the sewing machines is of vital importance. They need to be user- friendly, and that’s certainly the case here. All settings are easily accessible and provide precise control to the operator, which is exactly what you want from a sewing machine.
    The reverse lever is another excellent feature. This Lever is located at the front of the sewing machine and therefore, is readily accessible at any time. Experienced users like this because it makes it easier to reinforce different stitches quickly.
    Control is another great benefit offered here on the HD3000 and HD3000BE. The electronic foot control is ideal when you're working with thicker and more resistant fabrics, and it’s easy to use.
    You won't strain your eyes anymore with the automatic needle threader. If threading a needle has frustrated you in the past - those days are about to be history.
    The top loading bobbin system is a beautiful thing because it's jam-proof, easy to thread and you can see when you are running out of bobbin thread.
    The dials on these sewing machines get two thumbs up simply because they give you precise control and delivering results you can be proud to call your own.
    The Janome HD 3000 and HD3000BE are beasts with their variable speed motor controlled by foot pedal. They are capable of delivering 860 stitches per minute. There is no problem in switching between light and heavier materials on these sewing machines, they simply takes it all in stride and other minor adjustments.
    The seven piece feed dog system help you smoothly feed different types of fabrics.

  • Cons of Janome HD3000 and HD3000 Black Edition heavy-duty sewing machines

    While some parts on the Janome are indeed plastic, the body of the machine is made of metal. What you're getting is something that was designed for performance, durability, and economy. To make everything out of metal would add to the weight and of course, the cost.
    The built-in lighting system is of a somewhat lesser quality. The light provided is dim, making it difficult to use the machine in the evening, without additional lighting sources pointed directly at the worktable.
    The worktable is compact. Unfortunately, this limits the flexibility of the HD3000 and HD3000BE regarding the size of the fabric you can easily handle. You can purchase the extension table from sew steady that will increase your workspace for bigger projects.
    The cord on the foot pedal is a bit short. If you're working at a bar type height, or a table that is slightly taller than normal, the cord won’t be long enough. It seems like it would be an easy and inexpensive fix on the manufacturer’s side.

  • Are these sewing machines heavy?

    The HD3000 and HD3000BE are neither heavy nor light. At 18.7 pounds, they aren’t lightest sewing machines on the market, although it's a whole lot lighter than the machines of yesteryear.
    To make these sewing machine any lighter, I suspect more parts would need to be fabricated out of plastic, and that's not usually a good thing. When you look at it, you come to realize that they are a full-size sewing machine.
    It’s adequate weight ensures relative stability. You won't have to worry about the machine dancing around on the table as you're trying to use it. And the quality of the stitch it delivers on virtually all types of fabric is top-notch.

  • Should you go with a digital Or mechanical model?

    Mechanical sewing machines are the best to learn on, and a good-quality machine like the Janome HD3000 or HD3000 Black Edition are super easy to navigate.
    With a mechanical machine, you don't have to worry about the sometimes complicated options available on digital cousins.

  • Where are the Janome HD 3000 and HD3000 Black Edition sewing machines made?

    Unlike most consumer goods these days, Janome sewing machines are manufactured in Taiwan/Japan. It's a sign of the quality from Janome. These models are made in Taiwan.

  • Do these machines have an extra high presser foot?

    Indeed they do. The HD3000 and HD3000BE have the extra high presser foot that enables you to work with heavy fabrics and multiple layers. It's the kind of thing that your average home sewing machine would struggle with - but these models makes it easy.

    All presser feet snap in and are locked into place. It's also quick and easy to change them as needed. You can quickly switch from a straight stitch to a blind him without needing any screwdriver or special tool.

  • Can the Janome HD3000 and HD3000BE be used as a serger?

    Unfortunately, no. There is no serge feature on this device. What is offered is a built-in stitch called “Overlock.” This is essentially a hybrid zigzag stitch.

  • Are these sewing machines noisy?

    Although it's able to sew through many kinds of material, the Janome HD3000 and HD3000BE are actually on the quiet side. Any device with a motor is never going to be silent.
    However, nobody wants to hear a machine that roars too loudly. Thankfully, this one is on the quieter side of the scale.

  • What about multiple needle positions?

    These sewing machine have two needle positions. Left and standard middle position. However, they don't have the right position for the needle.

  • The Review Verdict

    Overall, most people are quite content with the quality and durability of this machine. The Janome HD3000 and HD3000 Black Edition are easy to operate, and can be used for the variety of sewing projects to produce professional quality results. These are a winner!
    Janome HD3000 review written by Sew Orbit

  • ¼’ Seam foot

    Machine comes with a ¼’ seam foot for sewing perfect ¼’ seams quickly and easily.

Heavy Duty Janome HD3000BE Black

Sewing Machine by Janome: Heavy Duty HD3000 Black Industrial-Grade Aluminum-Body 18 Stitches, Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole, Automatic Needle Threader. Free Walking-Foot & Quilting Bonus Gift Set

✔ ♥ ➜ Review Janome HD3000BE: With Industrial Grade Aluminum Body and all mechanical metal construction, the 18-STITCH HD3000BE is stronger than standard sewing machines. This precision construction allows it to sew through heavyweight fabrics with ease.

✔ ♥ ➜ FREE BONUS GIFT! ✔Open-Toe even feed Walking Foot with quilt guide. Machine comes with an even feed foot for working with difficult layers of fabric. ✔Open-toe craft foot F2. Machine comes with an open-toe craft foot for more visibility when decorative stitching. ✔ Cloth guide. Machine comes with a cloth guide that screws into the bed of the machine to help sew straighter seams.

✔ ♥ ➜ Open-toe darning foot. Machine comes with an open-toe darning foot for free motion quilting. ✔ ¼’ Seam foot. Machine comes with a ¼’ seam foot for sewing perfect ¼’ seams quickly and easily.

✔ ♥ ➜ The HD3000BE Black also comes With an Incredible Amount of Accessories – A Hard Case/Cover, Ultra Glide Foot, a Pack of Leather Needles, a Pack of Universal Needles, a Pack of Bobbins, Blind Hem “G” Foot, Overedge “C” Foot, Rolled Hem “D” Foot, Zipper “E” Foot, Buttonhole “B” Foot. Power Cord / Foot Control & Instruction Book.

✔ ♥ ➜ Open-toe darning foot. Machine comes with an open-toe darning foot for free motion quilting. ✔ ¼’ Seam foot. Machine comes with a ¼’ seam foot for sewing perfect ¼’ seams quickly and easily.

✔ ♥ ➜ Automatic Needle Threader ✔ ♥ ➜ Automatic One-step buttonhole ✔ ♥ ➜Easy Stitch Selection ✔ ♥ ➜ Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure ✔ ♥ ➜Jam Proof Top-Loading Bobbin System – It’s Easy To Change Your Bobbin. ✔ ♥ ➜ Free Arm Capability – Sew Pants Legs and Shirt Sleeves with Ease Using the Free-Arm. ✔ ♥ ➜ Built in Thread Cutter ✔ ♥ ➜ Extra High-Lift Presser foot ✔ ♥ ➜Super Bright LED Lighting

JANOME SEWING MACHINE: HD3000BE Sewing Machine Key Features: Stand out from the crowd with bold design, straight forward operation of the JANOME HD3000 Black: heavy-duty construction and plentiful accessories. • 18 Stitches • One-step buttonhole • 9 Snap on accessory feet (overedge, zipper, blind hem, satin stitch, hemmer, zigzag, transparent buttonhole and button sewing, ultra glide and buttonhole) • Hinged faceplate • Drop in bobbin • Adjustable stitch length and width • Built-in needle threader • Convertible free arm • Auto declutch bobbin winder • Extra presser foot lift • Drop feed slide control • Maximum speed: 860 SPM • 5 piece feed dogs • Maximum stitch width: 6.5 mm • Maximum stitch length: 4 mm • Thread cutter (side mount) • Hard cover BONUS: Quilt Kit


Review on the Janome heavy-duty HD3000 or the HD3000BE Black Special Edition

Are you looking for a heavy-duty sewing machine? The Janome HD3000 or the special HD3000 Black Edition may be your ideal sewing machine. In this review, we’ll objectively inspect the capabilities of these two models.  

Janome is a brand that has built a legion of steady fans over the years, and the Janome HD 3000 and HD-3000BE is prime example of why. In short, these mechanical machines are designed for both durability and versatility.

They are intelligently engineered to deliver the kind of quality work that even the most experienced seamstress would appreciate, and their simple layout and ease-of-use makes it a solid choice for the beginner too.

Loaded Accessory Box! Everything listed below is Included!

  • Is there any storage on the Janome HD3000BE?

    Yes, they have a storage compartment built in near the bobbin holder as well as special spots for most of the presser feet on the top of the machines under the lid.
    With everything you need for your project right there in front of you, sewing becomes a lot more fun.

  • What type of bobbin system do the Janome HD3000BE have?

    These models have a jam proof, full rotary hook bobbin system.
    As the bobbin gets dropped into place, it is then covered with a transparent plastic housing. It enables you to easily see how much thread you have left at any particular point in time.

  • A Hard Case/Cover

    The machine comes with a hard case/cover.

  • Ultra Glide Foot

    The machine comes with an ultra guide foot.

  • A Pack of Leather Needles

    The machine comes with a pack of leather needles.

  • A Pack of Universal Needles

    The machine comes with a pack of universal needles.

  • A Pack of Bobbins

  • Overedge "C" Foot

    Overedge "C" Foot

  • Rolled Hem "D" Foot

    Rolled Hem "D" Foot

  • Zipper "E" Foot

    Zipper "E" Foot

  • Buttonhole "B" Foot

    Buttonhole "B" Foot

  • Power Cord / Foot Control & Instruction Book

    Power Cord / Foot Control & Instruction Book

  • Automatic Needle Threader

    Automatic Needle Threader

  • Automatic One-step buttonhole

    Automatic One-step buttonhole

  • Easy Stitch Selection

    Easy Stitch Selection

  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

    Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

  • Jam Proof Top-Loading Bobbin System

    Jam Proof Top-Loading Bobbin System - It's Easy To Change Your Bobbin.

  • Free Arm Capability

    Sew Pants Legs and Shirt Sleeves with Ease Using the Free-Arm.

  • Built in Thread Cutter

  • Extra High-Lift Presser foot

    Super Bright LED Lighting

  • Blind Hem "G" Foot