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    ELNA 130

    ELNA 130 Boasting 25 diverse stitches

    Experience the Elna 130: a purely mechanical marvel in sewing. Boasting 25 diverse stitches, the Elna 130 machine is a beginner’s dream and a daily sewist’s companion. Dive into creativity with ease and precision.


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    Heavy Duty Janome HD3000BE Black


    Meet the JANOME HD3000BE: A paragon of strength and precision. With 18 essential stitches, this heavy-duty marvel effortlessly handles diverse materials, from delicate fabrics to thick layers. Encased in a robust frame, the Janome HD3000BE ensures lasting durability, exemplifying Janome’s commitment to superior craftsmanship.

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    JANOME 1000CPX

    CoverPro 1000CPX
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    Janome 1522BL

    Janome 22 Stitch 1-step buttonhole and a needle threader

    Introducing the JANOME 1522BL: Your ultimate sewing companion! This Janome 1522BL 22-stitch wonder boasts an automatic 1-step buttonhole and a needle threader that’ll save you time and effort. Say goodbye to tedious threading and hello to effortless sewing perfection. Upgrade your sewing game today!

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    Janome 1522RD


    Say hello to the JANOME 1522RD, your ultimate sewing partner! With 22 stitches, an automatic 1-step buttonhole, and a time-saving needle threader, bid farewell to tedious threading. Elevate your sewing experience effortlessly – it’s time to upgrade your skills with Janome 1522RD!

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    Janome 2030QDC

    Janome 2030QDC-B Computerized Quilting and Sewing Machine with Bonus Quilt Kit

    Discover the JANOME 2030QDC: a seamless blend of 30 curated stitches. Tailored for modern sewists valuing precision and versatility, the Janome 2030QDC stands as a beacon for diverse sewing aspirations. Every stitch, a testament to JANOME’s dedication to quality. Elevate your craft with unmatched reliability and elegance.

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    Janome 2112 Cherry Blossom


    Janome 2112 Cherry Blossom: 12 stitch Sewing Machine

    Meet the JANOME 2112 Cherry Blossom: 12 stitch sewing machine. Boasting a unique cherry design, it’s ideal for both beginners and pros. The Janome 2112 Cherry Blossom features: four-step buttonhole, front-loading bobbin, adjustable stitch length, and a lightweight frame for easy portability. Perfect for modern sewists!

  • Janome 2212


    Meet the JANOME 2212: a 12-stitch free arm sewing machine that perfectly balances simplicity with efficiency. Crafted for those who appreciate precision, it offers a seamless sewing experience for beginners and experts alike. Encased in a durable frame, this machine ensures consistent results, making every stitch a testament to JANOME’s quality.

  • Janome 311 Purple


    Sewing Machine: Easy-to-Use with 15 Stitches, Fully Adjustable Stitch Length and Width. Diamond Cut Feed Dogs for Easy Traction on all fabrics.

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    Janome 3160QDC


    Meet the JANOME 3160QDC: a 60-stitch free arm sewing dynamo tailored for quilting, sewing, and interior decorating. Featuring an extra high presser foot to accommodate thicker fabrics and a powerful motor for consistent output. This 60-stitch free arm sewing machine blends efficiency with finesse, making every project a masterpiece of JANOME craftsmanship.

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    Janome 4120QDC 120 Stitch Sewing Machine. Free Quilting Kit Bonus Package & Sewing Lesson DVD included.

    Introducing the JANOME 4120: a powerhouse with 120 versatile stitches. The Janome 4120 is designed for those who demand variety and precision, it’s the ultimate tool for diverse sewing projects. From intricate designs to everyday stitching, its features ensure perfection. Dive into a world of creativity with JANOME’s hallmark of excellence.

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    Janome 5300QDC 300


    Janome 5300QDC 300 Stitch Sewing Machine

    Meet the JANOME 5300QDC: a 300-stitch free arm maestro, ideal for quilting, sewing, and interior decor. Boasting an extra-high presser foot and a potent motor, it ensures unparalleled performance. Its unique Knee Presser Foot Lifter offers hands-free control, enhancing precision. Experience JANOME 5300QDC the pinnacle of craft and innovation.

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    Janome 625e


    Meet the JANOME 625E: Unleashing 25 precise stitches, this robust machine tackles the toughest tasks. With a powerful motor at its heart, it promises efficiency. Enjoy the convenience of an auto one-step buttonhole and an intuitive needle threader. Sewing mastery just got simpler and speedier

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    Janome 9850


    Meet the JANOME MC9850, Again: Redefining the blend of sewing and embroidery, this versatile machine offers not just one, but 175 built-in embroidery designs, empowering you to unleash your creativity twice over. It features an automatic one-step buttonhole for consistent results and an intuitive needle threader to streamline your workflow. Immerse yourself in the ease of crafting with masterful precision and a flair of elegance. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the JANOME MC9850 is designed to take your projects to the next level, again.

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    Janome Air Threading Serger 2000D


    WOW! Meet the Janome AT2000D, TOP of LINE 4-3-2 THREAD Air Thread Serger. Experience revolutionary ease with swift, hassle-free threading for both upper and lower loopers. And with the ONE-PUSH NEEDLE THREADING, it’s sewing reimagined. The Janome AT2000D serger embodies convenience with unparalleled craftsmanship.

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    Janome Arctic Crystal: Janome 311


    Meet the JANOME 311 ARCTIC CRYSTAL, a vibrant fusion of functionality and style. With 15 versatile stitches, 4-step buttonhole, and an LED-lit workspace, the Janome 311 is a dream for every sewist. Its crystal-inspired design stands out, while features like the free arm and drop feed plate ensure seamless creativity. Perfect for all your sewing adventures!