Janome Jem Platinum 720

Janome Jem Platinum 720The Janome Jem Platinum 720, computerized quilting and sewing machine, packs all the punch and capability of a full-sized sewing machine. Compiled into a small model’s price, making it an ideal beginner sewing machine, for brand new sewists or a useful travel machine for sewing classes or guild meetings. The Jem Platinum 720, is an impressive Janome sewing machine, that weighs only 12 pounds and is ¾ the size of a normal computerized sewing machine, but still manages to tote the same advanced control technology and a lengthy list of everyday functions. The combination of compact size and hi-tech sewing features of the Janome 720, make it the perfect choice for travelling quilters.

The Janome 720 is a full featured machine at 3/4 size. The Janome 720 is great for the beginning sewer or for the avid quilter. It comes with a full range of great functions and controls but in a compact size, making it sought after for traveling or for taking to quilting classes.


  • Free arm / flat bed convertible

This feature allows you to have a spacious sewing area and by using the free arm sewing pant legs and sleeves is so easy.

  • Built-in Needle Threader

This feature guarantees efficiency in your work. You don’t have to spend several minutes trying to thread the needle.

  • Manual Thread Tension Control

The dial on the front of the machine can help control the thread tension.

  • Start / Stop Button and Speed Control Slider

You can have total control and accuracy of your sewing with the start/stop button and the speed control slider.

  • De-clutch Bobbin Winder

Easily thread your bobbin by placing the bobbin on the winder post, and then press on the foot controller. Your bobbin is automatically wound.

  • White LED Lamp

Sometimes you need that extra light while stitching. The white LED lamp in this machine is all you need to see clearly.

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Full details

This machine is capable of:

  • 20 stitches

  • 2 one-step buttonholes

  • Maximum zigzag width of 5 mm.

  • Maximum stitch length of 4 mm.

  • Maximum speed of 650 stitches per minute

Here are more features:

  • 4-piece feed dog

  • Snap-on foot conversion

  • Electronic foot control

  • Needle up/down button

  • Stretch stitch adjustment

  • Thread cutter

  • Thread take up lever (slit)

  • Horizontal spool pin

  • Horizontal full rotary hook

  • 4 scroll selection keys

  • Hard resin cover

Machine Specifications:

  • Machine Size: W14” x H 10” x D 6.5”

  • Machine Weight: 12 lbs

  • Skeleton Body Construction

Standard Accessories

The Janome New Home 720 has included accessories like:

  • Needles

  • Bobbin

  • Feet: satin stitch foot; automatic buttonhole foot; zigzag foot A (set on the machine)

  • Foot control

  • Spool holder

  • Spool pin

  • Additional spool pin

  • Seam ripper

  • Screwdriver

  • Felt

  • Instruction book

  • Power supply cord

  • Hard Case