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Meet the JANOME 550E LARGE FIELD EMBROIDERY MACHINE, encased in a sturdy die-cast aluminum frame. Experience JANOME 550E seamless design transfers and benefit from AUTO THREAD TENSION for optimal stitch quality. Marrying high-speed performance with user-friendly features, this machine is the embodiment of embroidery finesse and innovation.

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Janome prides itself on providing excellent customer support,
Additionally, the Janome 550e machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring the user’s peace of mind.

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CANADA: Create amazing projects with the Janome 550e Embroidery Machine & its wide selection of features like automatic thread cutter & more!
LARGE FIELD EMBROIDERY MACHINE: Accommodates larger projects with an expansive 7.9 x 11.8 inches embroidery field.
ADVANCED NEEDLE THREADER: Simplifies the threading process with an easy-to-use, automated system.
COLOR TOUCH SCREEN: Intuitive and vibrant LCD touch screen for effortless navigation and design visualization.
BUILT-IN DESIGNS: Offers a diverse collection of 180 built-in embroidery designs for instant creativity.
HIGH EMBROIDERY SPEED: Achieves up to 860 stitches per minute, ensuring rapid project completion.

ON-SCREEN EDITING FUNCTIONS: Includes capabilities like drag and drop, resize, flip, rotate, zoom, arc, combine, and more.
USB PORT: Allows for easy design transfer and software updates through a USB drive.
AUTOMATIC THREAD CUTTER: Cuts jump threads, even between letters, saving time and producing clean designs.
BUILT-IN FONTS: Comes with 6 fonts for monogramming versatility.
RETRACTABLE EMBROIDERY CARRIAGE ARM: Ensures a sleek machine profile when not in embroidery mode.

PROGRAMMABLE JUMP THREAD TRIMMING: Automatically trims jump threads, reducing manual trimming post-embroidery.
FLEXIBLE STITCH TRAVELING: Allows users to move by units of 1, 10, or 100 stitches.
AUTO RETURN POST THREAD BREAK: If a thread breaks, the machine recalls the last position to ensure continuity.
DIRECT PC CONNECTION: Enables seamless design transfer and interaction with embroidery software.
ADJUSTABLE HOOP POSITIONING: Assists in precisely positioning the embroidery design on your project.

BOBBIN THREAD SENSOR: Alerts users when the bobbin thread is running low, preventing unfinished designs.
FULL-COLOR DESIGN PREVIEW: Visualize the design in actual colors before starting the embroidery process.
DESIGN TRANSFER VIA USB: Enables users to easily import embroidery patterns from a USB stick.
RESUME FUNCTION: If the machine is turned off, it remembers the last position and continues from where it left off.
MONOGRAMMING FUNCTION: Personalize projects with different styles and sizes of lettering.

UPPER THREAD SENSOR: Prevents running out of thread mid-design by alerting when the top thread is low.
EMBROIDERY FORMAT SUPPORT: Supports .JEF and .JEF+ embroidery formats.
MULTI-LANGUAGE INTERFACE: Offers the choice of various languages for user convenience.
REAL-TIME PC LINK: Allows users to link the machine directly to a PC for real-time stitching view.
DEDICATED EMBROIDERY ONLY: Specializes solely in embroidery to deliver superior performance in its domain.

 AUTOMATIC THREAD TENSION: Automatically adjusts thread tension to achieve balanced and consistent stitching.
EASY THREADING WITH NUMBERED PATH: Guides users with a clear, numbered threading path.
LARGE INNER ARM SPACE: Provides ample space for larger and bulkier projects.
DURABLE METAL FRAME: Ensures machine stability during high-speed embroidery, offering precision and reduced vibrations.
CSA Electrical Certified for use in CANADA only
EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Janome prides itself on providing excellent customer support,
Additionally, the machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring the user’s peace of mind.

Janome 550E: Embroidery Excellence in Every Stitch Discover the magic of embroidery with the Janome 550E, a machine designed to breathe life into every fabric masterpiece. With its expansive embroidery area, this powerhouse is ideal for larger projects, making it a favorite for interior decorating enthusiasts. Its user-friendly interface invites both novices and seasoned embroiderers to explore its vast library of designs. Whether it’s an elegant monogram on plush towels or a vibrant motif on curtains, the 550E ensures impeccable precision. Its rapid stitching speed guarantees efficiency, turning hours of work into minutes. Importing your unique designs is a breeze, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Compact, yet feature-rich, the Janome 550E is your perfect partner in crafting unparalleled embroidery narratives.

JANOME 550E Embroidery Machine:
A Deep Dive into Large-Scale Creative Expression
The world of embroidery has been dramatically transformed over the years, shifting from a painstakingly manual art form to one that harnesses the precision and convenience of technology. Among the machines that have heralded this new age of embroidery, the Janome 550E stands out, particularly for enthusiasts and professionals who lean towards large-scale projects, like interior decorating. Let’s delve into what makes this machine a marvel in the embroidery realm.Embroidery Reimagined: The Janome 550E ExperienceImagine entering a world where your embroidery dreams aren’t limited by size. That’s the promise of the Janome 550E. With its extra-large embroidery area, it beckons artisans to think bigger, broader, and more expansively. It’s not just an embroidery machine; it’s a canvas waiting for ambitious dreams to play out.Magnificent Size Meets PrecisionOne of the standout features of the Janome 550E is undoubtedly its expansive 7.9 x 11.8 inches embroidery field. This generous working area is a game-changer for interior decorating projects. Whether you’re designing intricate curtain patterns, plush cushion covers, or ambitious bedspread designs, this machine has got you covered—literally and figuratively. The luxury of space allows for larger designs to be embroidered in one go, eliminating the need to realign or re-hoop your fabric multiple times.User-Friendly for All LevelsBut it’s not just the size that impresses. The Janome 550E boasts a full-color touch screen, which offers an intuitive and dynamic user interface. Even if you’re new to the digital embroidery landscape, the machine guides you with visual prompts and easy navigation. This means less time fumbling with settings and more time letting your creativity flow.An Array of Design PossibilitiesWith 180 built-in designs, the Janome 550E provides a diverse palette for creators. These designs range from classic to contemporary, ensuring there’s something for every taste. Furthermore, the machine supports .JEF and .JEF+ embroidery formats, making it easy to import new designs. This vast library, combined with the large embroidery area, positions the 550E as a powerhouse for interior decorators.A Testament to Thoughtful FeaturesJanome has always been synonymous with precision and quality. With the 550E, they’ve raised the bar even higher:

  • The Advanced Needle Threader and Automatic Thread Cutter ensure that setup and transitions are smooth.
  • The Bobbin Thread Sensor gives timely alerts, ensuring that your designs are never left unfinished due to thread shortages.
  • The On-Screen Editing Functions are an artist’s dream. You can drag, drop, resize, rotate, and even preview designs in actual colors before setting the machine to work.
  • The Auto Return Post Thread Break ensures continuity in designs, even if an unfortunate thread break occurs.

Interior Decorating with the Janome 550E

Now, let’s circle back to interior decorating, where the Janome 550E truly shines. This machine’s prowess allows designers to infuse personality into every nook and cranny of living spaces. Whether it’s monogramming on towels, intricate patterns on table runners, or thematic designs on throw pillows, the 550E’s capabilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

For designers focusing on themed rooms or bespoke interiors, the 550E is an invaluable tool. Its expansive work area supports large, continuous patterns, ensuring that the fabric’s aesthetics are coherent and not fragmented. This seamless embroidery is especially important for large items like drapes or bed covers, where any misalignment could detract from the overall look.

A Brand Legacy Backed by a Robust Machine

Janome, as a brand, has long been respected for its commitment to quality, innovation, and user-centric design. The 550E is a testament to this legacy. Built on a durable metal frame, it promises stability, reduced vibrations, and precision, even at high embroidery speeds. This robustness ensures that even the most extensive projects, such as full-length drapes or large wall hangings, are executed flawlessly.


Embroidery, as an art, has always been about intricate details, patience, and creativity. However, the tools we use play a significant role in how our designs come to life. The Janome 550E, with its impressive features and expansive working area, has revolutionized what’s possible, especially in the realm of interior decorating. It’s not just a machine; it’s a partner in creation, waiting for artists to unleash their grandest visions. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or an ambitious beginner, the Janome 550E invites you to think bigger and embroider even larger.

The Expansive Embroidery Experience with Janome 550E

Delve into a world where size truly matters. Introducing the Janome 550E Embroidery machine – a marvel in the realm of embroidery-centric machines. One of its standout features? An impressively expansive embroidery field!

Never before has Janome offered such a generous workspace in an embroidery-only device. Measuring at a substantial 7.9” X 14”, this embroidery field is designed with the modern craftsman in mind. Whether you’re embarking on intricate designs or large-scale projects, this machine ensures you have ample space to bring your creative visions to life without feeling restricted.

Not only does this expansive space allow for greater creativity, but it also translates into efficiency. Larger projects which once might’ve been daunting can now be completed with ease and in less time. With the Janome 550E, you’re not just getting a machine; you’re investing in an experience that promises precision, versatility, and speed.

Embroidery enthusiasts, prepare to be enthralled. The Janome 550E is here to redefine your crafting journey. Dive in and watch your grandest designs unfold seamlessly!

Experience Enhanced Hooping with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Handling sizable embroidery projects can often be challenging, but with the Janome 550E Embroidery machine, that’s about to change. We’re thrilled to introduce our innovatively redesigned hoop clamps, particularly featured on the included RE36b hoop. This design is not merely an upgrade—it’s a revolution in the embroidery world.

Our dual-setting mechanism is what sets this machine apart. Begin by inserting the inner hoop and adjust the clamp to its midway setting. This not only offers a preliminary secure fit but also grants you the flexibility to ensure that your fabric is perfectly aligned and poised. No more second-guessing; no more fumbling around.

Once you’re satisfied with your fabric’s placement, a simple push is all that’s needed. Secure the two clamps fully, and voila! Your fabric is locked in, stabilized, and ready for some embroidery magic.

With the Janome 550E, we aim to make your embroidery journey smoother than ever. It’s not just about intricate designs; it’s about ensuring the process leading up to it is just as refined. Dive into a hassle-free embroidery experience with this remarkable machine by your side.

Diverse Hooping Options with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to embroidery, it’s no different. The Janome 550E Embroidery machine understands this essence, offering an array of hoop sizes to cater to your every creative whim.

Included with your machine, you’ll find four standard hoops, each crafted with precision and durability in mind:

  • RE36b: An expansive 7.9” x 14”, ideal for larger designs or intricate patterns.
  • SQ20b: A perfect square at 7.9” x 7.9”, great for symmetrical creations.
  • RE20b: A versatile 5.5” x 7.9” hoop, suitable for a range of projects.
  • SQ14b: A compact 5.5” x 5.5”, excellent for smaller detailed works.

Yet, the Janome 550E doesn’t stop there. For those seeking even more diversity, four optional hoops are available for purchase:

  • RE28b: A generous 7.9” x 11”, giving you added flexibility.
  • RE10b: A slender 1.5” x 5.5”, perfect for narrow designs or unique placements.
  • Hat Hoop HH10b: At 1.5”x 3.5”, this is specially designed for personalizing hats and caps.
  • AcuFil Hoop ASQ18b: Measuring 7.2” x 7.2”, this hoop is specifically crafted for quilting enthusiasts.

Whatever your project, whatever your vision, the Janome 550E ensures you’re never left wanting for the right hoop. It’s not just a machine—it’s a partner in your artistic journey, ever-ready to cater to your diverse embroidery aspirations. Dive in and explore the limitless possibilities!

Maximized Workspace with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Imagine having a canvas that’s vast and inviting, urging you to unleash your most ambitious embroidery visions. That’s precisely what you get with the Janome 550E Embroidery machine. It proudly boasts one of the most generous workspaces in the embroidery sector, measuring a considerable 16 ¼” X 11 5/8”. This spacious design ensures that even your most expansive projects find a comfortable home.

But here’s where the Janome 550E goes above and beyond: not only do you have this sprawling workspace, but the machine also comes equipped with an extra-wide extension table as a standard feature. This addition ensures that every inch of your project, be it delicate fabric or hefty materials, receives the support it rightly deserves. No drooping edges or misaligned patterns – just a smooth, stable base for impeccable embroidery.

With the Janome 550E, it’s clear that attention to detail isn’t just reserved for the embroidery process itself. It’s embedded in the very design of the machine, ensuring your creations always have a firm foundation. Step into a world where your projects are not only beautifully crafted but also consistently supported throughout your artistic journey.

Tailoring Your Craft with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

In the intricate world of embroidery, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Different projects, with their unique threads and stitch densities, demand varying approaches. Recognizing this diversity, the Janome 550E Embroidery machine introduces a dynamic feature that truly puts you in control.

The 550E isn’t just a machine; it’s a chameleon. It adapts with grace to the specific requirements of your embroidery project. Whether you’re working with the delicate shimmer of metallic threads or the sturdy consistency of regular ones, this machine stands ready to meet your pace.

Easily accessible via the user-friendly Settings Menu, adjusting your embroidery sewing speed is a breeze. Are you looking to add a touch of sparkle with metallic threads? The machine recommends a careful pace of 400spm, ensuring precision while preserving the thread’s integrity. On the other hand, if you’re filling in a vast expanse with more robust threads, feel free to rev up the speed, pushing it to a swift 860spm.

With the Janome 550E, it’s not just about the final embroidered piece. It’s about enjoying the journey, knowing you have a machine that understands and adjusts to the nuances of your craft. Embrace a tailored embroidery experience where you and your machine work in perfect harmony, regardless of the project’s demands.

Mastering Metallics with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Ah, metallic threads – those alluring strands that bring a shimmering elegance to any embroidery project. However, their beauty often comes with a twist, quite literally! Metallic threads, by their very nature, have a tendency to curl, twist, and sometimes act downright rebellious, leading to the dreaded thread breakage that can disrupt your creative flow.

Enter the Janome 550E Embroidery machine, your vigilant companion in ensuring that these shiny threads don’t get the better of you. Designed with the challenges of metallic threads in mind, the 550E features a brilliantly devised anti-kink thread guide. It’s not just a feature; it’s a game-changer.

How does it work? It’s delightfully simple. As you set up for your project, guide the metallic thread through the dedicated hole in this special guide. This process smoothly aligns and steadies the thread, minimizing those pesky kinks and twists. The result? A dramatic reduction in unexpected thread breakages, allowing you to focus on your artistic vision rather than wrestling with wayward threads.

With the Janome 550E at your side, metallic threads become less of a challenge and more of a charm. Say goodbye to unwanted interruptions and hello to seamless, shimmering embroidery!

Visualize and Customize with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine’s Vibrant Display

Embroidery is an art form where vision comes to life, stitch by stitch. To aid this journey from idea to fabric, the Janome 550E offers a vibrant window into your creative world: its brilliant 5” full-color LCD touchscreen.

But this screen is more than just a display—it’s your canvas, your control center, your digital palette. Every intricate detail of your design leaps to life in rich, vivid hues, letting you view and review your work with unparalleled clarity.

Dive into a plethora of on-screen editing tools, designed to let your creativity soar while keeping the process intuitive:

  • Size Adjustments: Effortlessly enlarge or reduce your designs to fit your vision.
  • Repositioning Tools: Rotate, flip, or simply drag and drop elements for the perfect placement.
  • Arcing: Bend and curve text or patterns to add a touch of whimsy or elegance.
  • Design Combining: Merge different patterns or motifs seamlessly.
  • Efficient Editing: Handy features like copy, paste, and grouping make design manipulation a breeze.
  • Corner Layout: Perfectly position designs, especially on quilt corners or unique projects.
  • Single Color Sewing: Visualize and implement a monochromatic theme with ease.
  • Zoom In and Out: Dive deep into design details or take a step back for a broader view.

Beyond these features, the Janome 550E showcases an enhanced Graphic User Interface. The editing icons are crisply rendered, and navigating the machine feels more intuitive than ever. It’s a user experience designed not just with technology in mind, but with the heart of an artist. With the Janome 550E, you’re not just embroidering; you’re engaging in a digital dance of design and precision.

Diverse Designs and Personal Touches with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is a language that speaks through stitches, colors, and patterns. Understanding this, the Janome 550E Embroidery machine comes brimming with a library of designs that cater to an array of tastes and occasions.

With a rich collection of 180 pre-loaded embroidery patterns, your creative horizons are boundless. From the timeless elegance of Sashiko patterns that weave stories of tradition, to heartwarming wedding motifs that capture moments of love, there’s something in this treasure trove for every special moment. And for a sprinkle of fun? Dive into delightful in-the-hoop monster designs that are sure to charm the little ones and bring smiles to faces.

But the Janome 550E’s offerings don’t stop at just patterns. Personalization lies at the heart of memorable embroidery, and this machine understands that down to a T. Choose from six distinct fonts, perfect for adding names, dates, or special messages to your creations. And for those projects that demand a touch of classic elegance, the machine’s 2 and 3-letter monogramming feature ensures you can craft bespoke monograms that exude sophistication.

With the Janome 550E, every embroidery project becomes a canvas of limitless potential. Whether you’re celebrating cherished memories, crafting unique gifts, or simply letting your artistic flair shine, this machine ensures your voice resonates in every stitch. Dive into a world where design meets desire, and creativity knows no bounds.

Guided Thread Choices with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is as much about individual expression as it is about precision and technique. While the Janome 550E gives you the freedom to choose any thread your heart desires, it also understands that a nudge in the right direction can be invaluable, especially for those keen on achieving the designer’s original vision.

To facilitate this harmonious blend of creativity and guidance, the 550E features a thoughtful inclusion: recommendations for thread colors for every embroidery step. Think of it as a trusted friend whispering expert advice as you embark on your embroidery journey.

And because the world of embroidery threads is vast and varied, the Janome 550E doesn’t just stop at one or two brands. It proudly incorporates the color palettes of ten major embroidery thread brands, ensuring a broad spectrum of choices. Whether you’re partial to the lustrous sheen of Madiera, the reliable finesse of Mettler, the vibrant hues of Robison-Anton, or any of the other renowned brands, the 550E has got you covered.

So, while the Janome 550E respects your creative autonomy, it also arms you with expert insights, ensuring every project is a blend of personal touch and professional finish. Embark on your embroidery adventures with both freedom and guidance, all courtesy of this remarkable machine.

Seamless Design Integration with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

The world of embroidery is vast, with countless designs waiting to be brought to life on fabric. Recognizing the modern embroiderer’s need for flexibility and ease, the Janome 550E has been ingeniously crafted to simplify the design import process.

At the heart of this feature is the 550E’s ability to recognize and work with .JEF and .DST design files, two of the most popular embroidery formats. This ensures that a universe of stunning designs, whether curated or custom-made, can find a home on the Janome 550E.

Importing these designs is a breeze. Gather your chosen patterns onto a USB stick, and then plug it into the conveniently located USB port on the machine. It’s a plug-and-play experience, streamlined for your convenience.

And for those grand projects that demand intricate detailing, the 550E boasts a generous capacity: it can handle designs with up to 200,000 stitches! This ensures that even your most ambitious and detailed embroidery visions are well within reach.

With the Janome 550E, the journey from digital design to embroidered masterpiece is delightfully straightforward. Dive into a world where technology meets craft, making your embroidery endeavors both effortless and exquisite.

Intuitive Bobbin Monitoring with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is an art of precision and timing. Amidst the colors and patterns, one thing that can halt the flow of creativity is an unexpected bobbin thread shortage. But with the Janome 550E, you’re always one step ahead, thanks to its intelligent Bobbin Thread Sensor.

Imagine you’ve just switched out the upper thread for that perfect shade of blue. As you get set to embroider, the 550E’s bobbin sensor vigilantly monitors the bobbin’s remaining thread. It’s like having a silent companion, keeping an eye on the finer details, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard.

But what truly elevates this feature is its customizable nature. The Janome 550E understands that every embroiderer has their unique rhythm and preferences. Therefore, you can adjust the bobbin sensor settings to your liking. This means you get to decide when you’d like to be alerted about the bobbin thread level, tailoring the experience to your workflow.

With the Janome 550E, you’re not just getting an embroidery machine; you’re gaining a thoughtful partner in your crafting journey. One that ensures smooth sailing, minimizing interruptions, and maximizing your creative output. Dive into your projects with confidence, knowing that the 550E has got your back, stitch by stitch.

Pick Up Where You Left Off with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Life is full of unexpected pauses. Maybe it’s the sun setting after a fulfilling day of crafting or an unforeseen power hiccup. In such moments, it’s easy to fret about the intricate embroidery design that was in-progress on your machine. But with the Janome 550E, such concerns are a thing of the past.

Enter the ‘Resume Mode’—a feature as considerate as it is innovative. If your 550E ever gets powered down during an embroidery session, it won’t forget where you left off. Instead, upon reignition, this smart companion promptly prompts you, asking if you’d like to pick up from where the design was paused. A simple confirmation and you’re immediately back in the creative flow, without missing a stitch.

The Janome 550E understands that your time and effort are precious. With features like the Resume Mode, it ensures that even life’s little interruptions can’t put a damper on your embroidery enthusiasm. It’s not just a machine; it’s a resilient partner, always ready to continue the artistic journey with you, no matter the pause or hurdle.

Effortless Transitions with the Janome 550E Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is a dance of colors, each thread weaving its unique story on the canvas of fabric. And just as in any dance, smooth transitions are key to creating a masterpiece. The Janome 550E embraces this philosophy with its innovative Automatic Thread Cutter feature.

Imagine you’re in the rhythm of creating a multicolored design. As you finish with one hue and prepare to introduce the next, the 550E seamlessly steps in. With precision and care, the machine automatically snips both the upper and bobbin threads. This thoughtful touch ensures that you’re not spending precious moments with scissors in hand but can swiftly re-thread and dive right into introducing the next vibrant shade to your embroidery art.

The Janome 550E isn’t just an embroidery machine; it’s a thoughtful ally. It’s designed with features like the Automatic Thread Cutter to streamline your creative process, ensuring that your focus remains on the artistry, not the mechanics. Embrace a world where creativity flows unhindered, and every color transition is as smooth as a brushstroke on canvas.

Tailored Embroidery Experience with the Janome 550E’s Thread Trimming

Embroidery, much like any form of art, is deeply personal. It’s a symphony of stitches where every little nuance matters, from the colors chosen to the spaces between threads. Understanding this, the Janome 550E introduces a feature that pays homage to every embroiderer’s unique touch: the Programmable Jump Thread Trimming.

Every embroidery enthusiast knows that jump threads – those tiny threads connecting separate design elements – can be a matter of choice. Some projects may call for these connecting threads to remain intact, creating a specific aesthetic. In contrast, other designs might benefit from a cleaner look with these threads snipped away. And then there are times you’d prefer to determine the exact spacing between thread trims for that ideal finish.

The Janome 550E places this control right in your hands. It allows you to dictate how and when those jump threads are managed. Whether you wish to retain them, trim them more closely, or space them apart, the 550E adapts to your preference.

In essence, the Janome 550E is more than just a machine. It’s a collaborative partner, eager to fine-tune its operations to echo your creative vision. Dive into the world of embroidery where technology doesn’t override, but instead, amplifies your individual artistry.

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