Janome Memory Craft Professional Grade MC6700P vs. Janome Memory Craft Heavy Duty Home Grade MC6650: Which One is Right for You?


Oct 6th 2022
Janome MC6700P Memory Craft Professional Grade vs. Janome Memory Craft Heavy Duty Home Grade MC6650: Which One is Right for You?

In the intricate realm of sewing, the right machine is a gateway to limitless creativity. Janome, revered for its impeccable machines, introduces two notable contenders: the Janome MC6700P and the MC6650. As part of the illustrious Memory Craft series, each has its distinctive offerings. Yet, the nuances between them could be the deciding factor in your purchasing decision. So, let’s delve deeper into their features and see which one emerges as the tailor-fit option for your needs.

1. On the Cutting Table: Introducing the Machines

Janome’s Memory Craft series is the embodiment of advanced sewing technology meeting traditional artistry. While the MC6700P proudly dons its ‘Professional’ badge, the MC6650 is celebrated for its stellar performance in heavy-duty home projects.

2. Pacing Through Projects: Performance Metrics

MC6700P: Tailored for professionals, it zips through with speeds up to 1,200 stitches per minute, ensuring rapid completion without compromising precision.

MC6650: Crafted for home enthusiasts, it manages a commendable 1,000 stitches per minute, ensuring projects are timely and well-executed.

3. Built to Last: Durability

Here’s where the MC6700P truly shines. With its superior durability, the model integrates a main shaft equipped with ball bearings. This inclusion ensures low torque, translating into incredible stability, especially at high speeds. The result? Longer life and durability that can withstand the rigors of professional use.

On the other hand, the MC6650, while robust and built to Janome’s high standards, is more oriented for sustained home use rather than continuous professional projects.

4. All About Precision: The Professional Grade Foot & Needle Plate of MC6700P

The MC6700P stands out with its Professional Grade Foot (HP). This feature is not just about speed; it’s about mastery over the fabric. The foot offers unmatched control, making it ideal for achieving perfect ¼” seams and unparalleled accuracy, especially with curves and smaller fabric pieces. Furthermore, its design offers superior visibility compared to a standard straight stitch foot due to its narrow form.

Coupled with this is the Professional Grade Needle Plate (HP). Together, they ensure impeccably accurate stitches and an ideal start on any fabric, regardless of its type. This synergy of the industrial foot and straight stitch plate shines especially in curves and topstitching, giving a touch of professional finesse to every project.

5. Fabric Haven: Workspace Dimensions

Both the MC6700P and the MC6650 provide a spacious workspace, ensuring no compromises when handling larger projects, be it in a studio setting or at home.

6. Illuminate Every Detail: Lighting

MC6700P: With its advanced LED lighting system, intricate details become vivid, an essential feature for professionals.

MC6650: The MC6650’s lighting, while sufficiently robust for home projects, may not match the brilliance of the MC6700P’s LEDs.

7. Durability Beyond Ordinary: The Powder-Coated Body of MC6700P

The MC6700P is not just built for performance but for endurance too. With a powder-coated body, similar to industrial sewing machines, it boasts incredible resilience. Powder coating offers a strong film, approximately twice thicker than liquid coatings in a single application. It shields against scratches while boasting excellent heat and oil resistance. This treatment, usually reserved for items like automobile parts requiring top-notch durability, ensures the machine’s longevity. Moreover, the coating’s flexibility prevents it from cracking, thereby increasing its lifespan.

8. Stitch Selection & Control

While both machines come with intuitive LCD screens and controls, the MC6700P’s advanced customization options, given its professional orientation, can handle more intricate requirements.

9. The Price Point: Investment vs. Value

The MC6700P, with its enriched feature set, is an investment in professional-grade sewing. On the other hand, the MC6650 provides a balance of performance and affordability, perfect for home-based sewing enthusiasts.

10. Feedback from the Field: User Reception

Professionals often lean towards the MC6700P, appreciating its specialized offerings, especially the AcuFeed system and the professional foot and needle plate. In contrast, the MC6650, with its blend of functionality and value, resonates with home sewers.

Beyond Standard Features: Delving into Unique Offerings

When assessing sewing machines, especially those from the same brand family, you might find many overlapping features. It’s those unique offerings that often become the deciding factor for seasoned professionals and enthusiasts alike. One such distinctive feature in the MC6700P is its high-speed upper drive shaft combined with the AcuFeed upper feeding system. Here’s why this duo is so crucial:

1a. The Power of the High-Speed Ball Bearing Upper Drive Shaft:

The MC6700P’s high-speed ball bearing upper drive shaft is a testament to its engineering prowess. By providing faster and more consistent power delivery to the needle, it ensures that even at high sewing speeds, the machine operates smoothly. This results in precision stitches, every single time.

2b. The Magic of AcuFeed System:

Precision: The AcuFeed system provides unparalleled control, especially when handling layered fabrics. Whether it’s quilting or complex apparel construction, this feeding system ensures that multiple layers move through the machine simultaneously and smoothly. This synchronization prevents bunching, misalignment, or uneven stitches.

Versatility: One might think such precision is only required for thick fabrics. However, the Janome AcuFeed system shows its mettle even with delicate materials like silks or satins, preventing them from puckering or getting damaged.

Reliability: Unlike some feeding systems that might falter with continuous usage or varying fabric types, the AcuFeed system’s consistent performance ensures that professionals can trust the machine to deliver, project after project.

To Conclude: Choosing Your Perfect Match

If you’re a professional or an enthusiast aspiring for perfection in every stitch, the MC6700P, with its specialized features, ensures you’re always in control. For those who balance passion and practicality in their home projects, the MC6650 might be the ideal choice.

Whichever path you tread, with Janome’s Memory Craft series, your journey in sewing will always be in expert hands.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Janome prides itself on providing excellent customer support,
Additionally, the machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring the user’s peace of mind.

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