JANOME MC6700P 10-INCH Quilting Machine

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The Janome MC6700P: A Powerhouse for Quilting and Interior Decorating

Meet the JANOME 6700P 10-INCH Quilting Machine: Outshining standard machines with its spacious 10″ right-of-needle workspace. Equipped with 200 adaptable stitches, 9 one-step buttonholes, and a blazing 1200 Stitches Per Minutes, the Janome 6700P is where unmatched speed meets impeccable craftsmanship in sewing.

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Janome prides itself on providing excellent customer support,
Additionally, the machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring the user’s peace of mind.

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PRODUCT DETAILS: of the Janome 6700P

High-Speed Ball Bearing Upper Drive Shaft: ensures that even at high sewing speeds, the Janome 6700P operates smoothly
Powder-Coated Body: The coating’s flexibility prevents it from cracking, thereby increasing its lifespan
Tailored for professionals: The Janome 6700P Fast motor and ball bearing system zips through with speeds up to 1,200 stitches per minute
AcuFeed Feeding System: provides unparalleled control, especially when handling layered fabrics

10-INCH ARM SPACE: Provides ample space, especially beneficial for quilters and large projects.
LCD SCREEN: Clear display offers easy navigation and stitch selection.
DIVERSE STITCH OPTIONS: A wide variety of stitches, from decorative to utility.
USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Intuitive design suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

 BRIGHT LED LIGHTING: Ensures excellent visibility, reducing eye strain and promoting precision.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Robust build for longevity and consistent performance.
CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Personalize sewing speed, needle position, and frequently used patterns.
GENEROUS ACCESSORY KIT: Comprehensive set of tools and attachments included.
PRECISION TENSION DIAL: Allows for accurate tension settings for different fabrics and threads.

 AUTOMATIC THREAD CUTTER: Cuts both top and bobbin thread with the touch of a button.
ONE-STEP NEEDLE PLATE CONVERSION: Easily switch between needle plates without using a screwdriver.
DROP-IN BOBBIN SYSTEM: Convenient and jam-proof, making bobbin replacement smooth.
BUILT-IN NEEDLE THREADER: Effortless threading that saves time and reduces eye strain.
SFS (SUPERIOR FEED SYSTEM): Ensures consistent stitch quality and fabric feeding.

 VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL: Adjust the sewing speed based on the project and material.
KNEE LIFT SYSTEM: Hands-free presser foot lifting for enhanced efficiency.
AUTO LOCKSTITCH BUTTON: Secures stitches at the start and end of sewing.
PROGRAMMABLE STITCH FUNCTIONS: Save frequently used stitch patterns for quick recall.
RETRACTABLE CARRYING HANDLE: Makes the machine portable and easy to transport.

 PRESSER FOOT PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT: Easily modify pressure for different fabric types.
ADJUSTABLE STITCH LENGTH AND WIDTH: Customize stitches based on the project’s requirements.
TWIN NEEDLE FUNCTION: Enables decorative twin needle sewing.
FREE ARM FEATURE: Ideal for sewing cylindrical items like sleeves and pant legs.
OVERLOCK STITCHES: Achieve professional-looking finishes on seams and edges.

 MIRROR STITCHING: Allows for mirrored stitch patterns for decorative purposes.
START/STOP BUTTON: Sew without the foot pedal, offering more control.
SUPERIOR SEWING SPEED: Achieve faster project completion without compromising stitch quality.
7-PIECE FEED DOG SYSTEM: Ensures smooth and consistent fabric feeding.
REVERSE STITCH BUTTON: Secure seams and prevent unraveling.
MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: LCD screen can display instructions in various languages 
EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Janome prides itself on providing excellent customer support,
Additionally, the machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring the user’s peace of mind.

The Janome 6700P:

A Powerhouse for Quilting and Interior Decorating

When it comes to sewing, the tool you use can significantly influence the quality and ease of your work. The Janome MC6700P, with its 10-inch arm space, stands out as a game-changer in the realm of sewing machines, offering unparalleled advantages to those passionate about quilting and interior decorating.

History and Brand Legacy:

Janome, a name synonymous with precision and innovation, has been a stalwart in the sewing industry for decades. The brand’s commitment to producing machines that cater to users’ needs while incorporating cutting-edge technology has earned them a steadfast reputation. The MC6700P, one of the stars of their lineup, epitomizes this commitment.

The Spacious 10-Inch Arm:

A distinguishing feature of the MC6700P is its 10-inch arm space. This expansive work area provides sewists with an extended breadth for maneuvering large fabrics and quilts. It simplifies the management of voluminous projects, ensuring that users don’t feel cramped or restricted while sewing. For quilting enthusiasts, this expansive space is a dream, making the process of handling and moving quilts under the needle considerably more manageable.

Power and Precision Combined:

While the 10-inch arm space stands out, it’s not the only noteworthy feature. This machine boasts an impressive sewing speed, enabling users to complete projects in record time without compromising on the quality of stitches.

Interior Decorating – A Seamless Affair:

The MC6700P isn’t limited to clothing and quilts. It shines brilliantly when it comes to interior decorating. Whether you’re crafting draperies, throw pillows, upholstery, or other interior accents, this machine handles all tasks with remarkable precision. The machine’s robust construction ensures that even thick and heavy materials, often used in interior decor, are easily managed.

User-Friendly Interface:

For all its power and features, the MC6700P remains incredibly user-friendly. Its clear LCD screen provides all essential information at a glance, and the machine’s intuitive design ensures that even beginners can navigate its functions with ease.

Durable Build:

Longevity is a trait that every seamstress values in a sewing machine. The MC6700P, with its sturdy construction, promises not just superior performance but also a lifespan that will see users through countless projects.

Lighting and Visibility:

Good visibility is crucial for precision sewing. Janome has equipped the MC6700P with bright LED lights, ensuring that users can see their work clearly, regardless of ambient lighting conditions. This attention to detail reduces eye strain and ensures that every stitch is placed perfectly.

Customizable Features:

The MC6700P offers a level of customization that few machines in its category can match. Users can adjust the speed, control the needle’s position, and even program frequently used patterns for instant recall.

Accessories Galore:

Janome is generous with accessories. From varied feet that cater to different sewing needs to bobbins, needles, and more, the MC6700P comes equipped with everything to kickstart any project.


The Janome MC6700P is more than just a sewing machine; it’s a partner in creativity. Its robust features, coupled with its user-friendly design, make it an invaluable tool for both seasoned sewists and beginners. Quilters will find in it a reliable ally, making the tedious task of maneuvering large quilts a breeze. Meanwhile, interior decorators can rely on its precision and range of stitches to bring their visions to life.

In a market flooded with sewing machines, the MC6700P stands out, not just because of its impressive specs but also because of Janome’s legacy of quality and innovation. Investing in the MC6700P isn’t just buying a sewing machine; it’s a commitment to excellence, precision, and a seamless sewing experience. Whether you’re a quilting aficionado or an interior decorating maven, the Janome MC6700P promises to be a game-changer.

Diverse Stitch Options:

A world of creativity awaits users with the MC6700P’s plethora of stitch options. From intricate decorative stitches to sturdy utility ones, the machine offers a range tailored for diverse projects. This array of stitches allows quilt makers to add nuanced detailing to their designs and lets interior decorators achieve the perfect finish for their decor pieces.

The Memory Craft 6700 Professional: A Globally Recognized Marvel

Spotlight on Global Design Excellence The Memory Craft 6700 Professional has not just been a favorite among sewing enthusiasts; it has also been in the limelight on the global design stage. Esteemed organizations from across the world have celebrated the impeccable design and functionality of this machine.

Featured Finalist in the Prestigious IDEA Awards In 2018, the Memory Craft 6700P earned a coveted position as a Featured Finalist in the International Design Excellence Awards® (IDEA). These awards, a beacon of excellence in product design, acknowledged the 6700P’s prowess and innovation, especially in the Housewares Category, highlighting its cutting-edge features and ease of use.

A Seal of Good Design Further cementing its reputation, the Memory Craft 6700P clinched the esteemed Good Design Award. This accolade lauds products that not only exhibit extraordinary design but also enhance the quality of life and industries. The 6700P was particularly praised for its “Hybrid Design.” By seamlessly integrating resin with die-cast metal in its exterior, the machine promises unmatched sewing quality, ensuring every stitch is a testament to perfection.

In essence, the Memory Craft 6700 Professional isn’t just another sewing machine; it’s a masterpiece, celebrated and recognized for its unparalleled design and performance.

Enhanced Durability with High Speed Ball Bearing Excellence

Durability and performance in sewing machines are often interlinked. A machine’s resilience isn’t just about its ability to last but also about how consistently it delivers during its lifespan. Enter the Janome MC6700P, a machine that doesn’t just promise longevity but exemplifies it through its engineering.

1. The Ball Bearing Advantage:

The heart of the MC6700P’s robust performance lies in its main shaft, which is ingeniously equipped with a ball bearing system. At first glance, this might seem like a minor technical detail, but its implications on the machine’s performance and durability are profound.

Low Torque: One of the standout benefits of a ball bearing system is the significant reduction in torque. In layman’s terms, torque represents the force that causes an object to rotate around an axis. By minimizing this, the ball bearing ensures that there’s less strain on the machine’s internal components. This not only means less wear and tear but also smoother operation.

Stability at High Speeds: Anyone familiar with sewing knows that stability is crucial, especially at high speeds. Uneven or shaky stitching can mar a project irreversibly. The ball bearing system in the MC6700P ensures that even when the machine is operating at its peak speeds, the motion remains stable and even, resulting in flawless stitches every time.

Enhanced Lifespan: A significant advantage of the ball bearing mechanism is the reduced friction during the machine’s operation. Lesser friction means lesser heat, which in turn ensures that the machine’s parts are less susceptible to premature wear and damage. This directly translates to a longer operational life and consistent performance throughout.

2. Why It Matters for Professionals and Enthusiasts:

For professionals, a machine breakdown in the middle of a project isn’t just an inconvenience; it could mean missed deadlines and potential business losses. For enthusiasts, consistent performance ensures that their creative visions aren’t marred by machine-related inconsistencies. The ball bearing advantage of the MC6700P offers peace of mind in both scenarios, assuring users of a reliable companion for their sewing journeys.

The MC6700P’s commitment to durability isn’t just evident in its sturdy build but is deeply embedded in its design principles. The inclusion of a ball bearing system in its main shaft is a testament to Janome’s foresight in understanding the needs of its user base, ensuring that the machine doesn’t just last but excels in performance throughout its lifespan. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an ambitious beginner, the MC6700P promises to be a steadfast ally, project after project.

Unparalleled Speed Meets Precision: 1200 SPM with the MC6700P

Breaking Barriers with Speed Janome sets a new standard in the sewing industry with the Memory Craft 6700P’s groundbreaking straight stitch speed of 1200 stitches per minute. This isn’t just any regular sewing machine; it’s a high-caliber, top-loading wonder, designed to provide professional-level outcomes.

Crafted for Optimal Performance Beyond its impressive speed, the 6700P stands out with its emphasis on delivering precision and excellence in every stitch. It’s ingeniously built to offer both strength and stability, ensuring every sewing project is completed faster without compromising on quality.

Robust Build for Smooth Operation What truly sets the Memory Craft 6700P apart is its meticulous construction. With a sturdy metal frame at its core and an advanced vibration suppression system, this machine promises an incredibly smooth sewing experience. Every project becomes a joy, as the 6700P operates seamlessly, ensuring users can focus on their creativity rather than any machine-related distractions.

In essence, the Memory Craft 6700P doesn’t just sew; it brings together speed, stability, and sophistication to ensure every sewing venture is nothing short of perfection.

AcuFeed Flex™: Janome’s Precision Feeding Marvel

Precision at Your Fingertips Janome’s unique AcuFeed Flex™ stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation in sewing. This exclusive fabric feeding system is more than just a feature; it’s a revolution in sewing.

Seamless Fabric Coordination What sets AcuFeed Flex™ apart is its capability to seamlessly move multiple layers of fabric under the needle. And it doesn’t just do this from the top – it ensures uniform movement from both the top and bottom, ensuring every stitch lands just where you want it.

Versatility in Every Stitch Whether you’re delicately piecing fabrics together, hemming a favorite garment, or venturing into quilting, AcuFeed Flex™ is your reliable companion. It ensures that every sewing task, especially those demanding the utmost precision, is executed with an unparalleled level of control.

In the world of sewing, where precision is paramount, Janome’s AcuFeed Flex™ emerges as a game-changer, ensuring that every project mirrors your envisioned perfection.

A Trio of Needle Plates for Diverse Sewing Needs

Versatility in Every Plate One of the highlights of the Janome MC6700P is its versatile array of needle plates. The machine graciously offers three distinct plates, catering to various sewing requirements.

Zigzag Needle Plate Perfect for those intricate patterns and designs, the zigzag needle plate is your go-to choice when creativity knows no bounds. It ensures that each zigzag pattern you craft is both precise and beautiful.

Straight Stitch Needle Plate When you’re aiming for that impeccable straight line, this needle plate comes into play. Whether you’re working on a chic outfit or a craft project, it helps maintain a consistent and straight stitch, enhancing the quality of your work.

The Exclusive HP Needle Plate Elevating the machine’s capabilities, the HP needle plate is uniquely crafted to pair seamlessly with the HP foot. Its design focuses on ensuring precision in every stitch. What’s more, each plate comes etched with guidelines. These markings are not just decorative; they’re functional. They assist sewists in maintaining exact seams, achieving the perfect angles, and mastering the art of cornering.

With the Janome MC6700P, you’re not just investing in a sewing machine; you’re investing in the art of precision, aided by tools like these needle plates that ensure every project is a masterpiece.

Mastering Curves with the Professional Grade HP Foot

Precision with Every Stitch The Janome MC6700P introduces a tool for those who crave perfection in every curve and stitch – the Professional Grade HP Foot. This isn’t just any sewing foot; it’s designed with the finesse and characteristics of industrial-grade equipment.

Tailored for Curved Stitching Ever struggled with intricate curves or wished for a more streamlined sewing experience? The HP foot is specifically engineered to make sewing curves effortless. Its design ensures a smooth glide over fabric, helping you achieve those delicate arches and turns with unparalleled precision.

Unparalleled Topstitching Beyond curves, the HP Foot shines when it comes to topstitching. Its slender build allows for precise stitching, ensuring that your topstitches are consistent and neat. Whether you’re working on a garment’s edge or adding a decorative touch, this foot ensures every stitch sits just right.

See More, Do More One of the standout features of the HP Foot is the enhanced visibility it offers. The design allows sewists to have a clearer view of their work, making it easier to track stitching progress and make adjustments on-the-go.

With the Janome MC6700P’s Professional Grade HP Foot, you’re not just sewing; you’re crafting with precision, clarity, and ease. Experience the difference in every stitch and curve.

Crystal-Clear LCD Display for Seamless Sewing

Illuminate Your Sewing Journey With the Janome MC6700P, you’re not just sewing; you’re embarking on a seamless journey guided by its vivid 3.6-inch LCD screen. This advanced display shines bright, ensuring that all the details you need are right at your fingertips.

All the Details, Right Before Your Eyes The brilliance of this LCD screen lies not just in its clarity but also in the wealth of information it provides. From stitch patterns and types to the ideal sewing foot for your project, everything’s displayed in meticulous detail. Moreover, it suggests the optimal tension settings and foot pressure for your fabric, taking the guesswork out of your sewing projects.

User-Friendly Interface Ease of use is paramount when you’re engrossed in your crafting. The Janome MC6700P’s display is designed to be intuitive. Adjusting settings or switching between stitch types becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on your creation rather than fumbling with controls.

Stay Informed on the Go A standout feature is the real-time feed dog position indicator, letting you know if it’s up or down. This ensures smoother transitions and minimizes any hitches during your sewing sessions.

Step into a brighter, clearer, and more informed sewing experience with the Janome MC6700P’s state-of-the-art LCD screen. It’s not just a tool, but a companion in your creative endeavors.

Swift Needle Plate Transition with a Single Push

Seamless Stitch Plate Swapping The Janome MC6700P takes convenience to new heights, ensuring your sewing sessions are smooth and uninterrupted. One of its standout features? The effortless One-Push Needle Plate Conversion.

Change with Confidence Gone are the days of fumbling with tools or struggling with stubborn screws. With the 6700P, transitioning between its three distinct stitch plates is an absolute breeze. Whether you’re switching fabrics, styles, or stitches, this machine keeps pace with your creative demands.

A Simple Gesture Does the Trick How does it work? It’s as straightforward as it sounds. Just give the lever a gentle push, and the existing plate releases in an instant. Position your chosen plate, and with a gentle click, it secures in place, ready for action. No fuss, no tools, just seamless sewing.

Tailored to Your Needs The Janome MC6700P understands that your projects are unique and sometimes require different settings. That’s why it offers three distinct stitch plates, ensuring every stitch is precise, no matter the task at hand.

Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of the Janome MC6700P and let its One-Push Needle Plate Conversion elevate your sewing experience. Because when creativity calls, nothing should stand in your way.

Effortless Threading with the Superior Needle Threader

A New Age of Threading Awaits Introducing the Janome MC6700P’s Superior Needle Threader, the unsung hero that will forever change the way you think about threading. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a revolution in sewing convenience.

Simplicity Meets Precision Gone are the days of squinting and fumbling with your thread. With this advanced needle threader, setting up is as straightforward as 1-2-3. Just place your thread, give the lever a gentle push, let go, and you’re ready to sew. It’s that simple.

Unparalleled Accuracy Every Time What truly sets the Superior Needle Threader apart is its impeccable precision. Its advanced mechanism ensures that the thread effortlessly sails through the needle’s eye, getting it right each and every time. Say goodbye to missed attempts and frustrations; this needle threader has got you covered.

Enhance Your Sewing Experience The Janome MC6700P believes in making your sewing journey smooth and delightful. With tools like the Superior Needle Threader, it ensures that even the most mundane tasks become a breeze, letting you focus on what truly matters: bringing your creative visions to life.

Embark on a seamless sewing adventure with the Janome MC6700P and let its Superior Needle Threader guide the way. Your projects deserve nothing but the best, and with this machine by your side, perfection is just a thread away.

Simplifying Sewing with the Easy Set Bobbin

A Streamlined Bobbin Experience Welcome to the next level of sewing efficiency with the Janome MC6700P’s innovative Easy Set Bobbin. Meticulously crafted, this feature addresses one of the most common sewing tasks and turns it into a swift, effortless experience.

No More Long Thread Tails The uniquely designed bobbin case and cover of the MC6700P eliminates the often tedious process of manually drawing up long thread tails. Instead, simply slide your bobbin thread into the cover plate guide. From there, the magic begins. The intelligent cutting blades trim the tail to an optimal length, ensuring a neat and tidy commencement to your sewing line.

Automatic Trimming: The Touch of Luxury But the ease doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve experienced the initial threading, the machine’s auto-thread cutter jumps into action. Not only does it trim, but it also re-sets the tails for you. This thoughtful feature ensures that you’re always ready to start your next project without fuss or delay.

Elevate Your Sewing Journey Janome MC6700P’s commitment to simplifying sewing shines brightly with the Easy Set Bobbin. It’s more than a feature; it’s a statement of how modern sewing should feel – seamless, intuitive, and always ready to bring your artistic vision to life.

Indulge in the sophistication of the Janome MC6700P and let its Easy Set Bobbin redefine your sewing expectations. With every stitch, feel the difference of a machine that truly understands your needs.

What Is Powder Coating?  The Superior Choice for Janome 6700P

When it comes to sewing machines, especially those crafted for professionals, every detail matters. Beyond performance specs and features, the very materials and finishing touches used can make a significant difference. One such finishing touch is the type of coating used on the machine’s body. The Janome 6700P proudly boasts a powder-coated body, and here’s why this choice elevates it beyond the competition.

1. Embracing Industrial Standards:

While many domestic machines opt for standard paints, the Janome 6700P borrows a page from the industrial playbook. Powder coating isn’t just any coating; it’s a choice made for heavy-duty machinery that’s expected to stand the test of time, heavy usage, and the occasional accidental bump or scratch. By applying this to the 6700P, Janome sends a clear message about its commitment to quality and durability.

2. One Coat, Double the Protection:

Unlike conventional liquid paints that might require multiple layers to achieve the desired thickness and protection, powder coating does the job impressively with just one application. Remarkably, this single layer is roughly twice as thick as its liquid counterpart, providing a robust shield against wear and tear.

3. Scratch-Resistant Strength:

Nobody likes unsightly scratches on their machine, especially one as pristine as the 6700P. The inherent strength of the powder coating means that the machine remains resilient against accidental scuffs, maintaining its aesthetic appeal for years.

4. Resilience Against Contaminants:

A sewing machine might come into contact with oils or other contaminants. The genius of powder coating is its inherent resistance to these factors. It’s no wonder that this coating technique is often chosen for automobile parts, which are constantly exposed to such conditions.

5. Flexibility that Prevents Cracking:

While strength and thickness might be celebrated virtues of a coating, flexibility is equally vital. A coating that’s too rigid can become brittle over time, leading to cracks. Powder coating strikes a perfect balance by being both strong and flexible, ensuring longevity without compromising on protection.

Powder Coating Summary:

The Janome 6700P’s decision to adopt powder coating isn’t merely an aesthetic choice; it’s a commitment to delivering a product that remains beautiful and functional over time. It’s a nod to the professional-grade nature of the machine, ensuring that it not only performs exceptionally but also stands resiliently against the rigors of regular use. For those discerning about their tools, this added layer of protection speaks volumes about Janome’s dedication to quality.

Ergonomic Mastery in the Janome MC6700P’s Design

Sewing Redefined with Seamless Construction With the Janome MC6700P, design meets functionality in a harmonious blend that every sewing enthusiast will appreciate. At the heart of its elegance is the robust, powder-coated, all-metal flatbed. This isn’t just any flatbed – it’s built to last and withstand the demands of passionate sewists.

Expansive Work Space Awaits Imagine having an expansive 10 inches (255mm) to the right of the needle, letting your larger projects unfurl without constraint. Quilting a cozy blanket or crafting an elaborate evening gown becomes an exhilarating experience when space isn’t a limitation.

Crystal Clear Visibility and Comfort But the beauty of the MC6700P doesn’t end there. The machine’s streamlined head has been meticulously designed to offer superior visibility around the needle area. Whether you’re intricately embroidering or doing detailed topstitching, every stitch is in clear view. This not only makes for precise sewing but ensures a comfortable and ergonomic experience that reduces eye strain and boosts productivity.

Redefining the Sewing Landscape Every aspect of the Janome MC6700P screams innovation. From its sleek design to its expansive work area, it’s evident that this machine is built with the user in mind. Step into a new era of sewing where design and functionality unite, creating an unmatched sewing journey. Whether a novice or a seasoned pro, the Janome MC6700P offers a sewing experience like no other. Experience the difference today.

Illuminate Your Creativity with Janome MC6700P’s Trio Lighting System

Lighting can make all the difference in the world of sewing. With the Janome MC6700P, you won’t just get adequate lighting—you’ll experience a luminary revelation. Featuring powerful LED lights strategically positioned in three distinct locations, every inch of your workspace is brilliantly illuminated.

This thoughtful design ensures that every stitch, every seam, and every detail emerges from the shadows. No more squinting or straining to see those intricate details. Whether you’re handling dark fabrics, sewing at twilight, or just need extra clarity for those meticulous projects, this machine ensures that every project is showcased in the best light possible.

Beyond ensuring your projects are visually stunning, these LED lights enhance accuracy and reduce the likelihood of errors. The MC6700P doesn’t just provide a light—it offers a beacon for all your sewing aspirations. With such illumination, your creativity is bound to shine brighter than ever!

Elevate Your Creations with Janome MC6700P’s Broad 9mm Stitches

The beauty of a sewing project often lies in the details. And with the Janome MC6700P, those details are nothing short of stunning. Introducing the expansive 9mm decorative stitching capability—a feature tailor-made for artisans who crave that extra touch of sophistication in their creations.

The prominence of the 9mm stitch width allows each design to stand out, bringing a vividness and flair that’s instantly noticeable. Whether you’re accentuating the borders of a quilt, adding a whimsical touch to your table placemats, or elevating the elegance of garment hems, these wide stitches ensure that your designs aren’t just seen but celebrated.

But it’s not just about width. With a repertoire of 200 stitch options available on the MC6700P, your creative possibilities are boundless. Each stitch is crafted to meet the highest standards of precision and consistency, ensuring that every project isn’t just a task, but a masterpiece in the making.

In the world of sewing, it’s the intricate details that transform a piece from ordinary to extraordinary. And with the Janome MC6700P’s 9mm decorative stitches, that extraordinary transformation is just a stitch away.

Personalize with Janome MC6700P’s Monogramming and Unique Stitch Combos

With the Janome MC6700P, you’re not just sewing; you’re crafting stories. This sewing machine takes personalization to a whole new level, ensuring every piece you work on carries your unique touch.

Imagine creating a bespoke gift with a monogrammed initial or stitching a special message in a blend of script and block fonts. The MC6700P makes it all possible. And it’s not limited to just English letters. The machine boasts a repertoire of multi-language characters, allowing you to incorporate global flair into your creations.

While the beauty of the 9mm uppercase lettering is unmistakable, adding a blend of decorative stitches to your monogram takes customization a notch higher. Whether you’re adding a chic edge to a cushion cover, crafting an individualized tag for a handcrafted garment, or leaving your mark on a quilt, the MC6700P offers endless possibilities.

The machine’s memory function is a boon for crafters who love consistency. You can save up to twenty of your favorite stitch or letter combinations, making it effortless to replicate your signature style across various projects.

With the Janome MC6700P, every stitch, every letter, and every combination becomes a testament to your creativity, making every creation uniquely yours.

Crafting Perfect Buttonholes with the Janome MC6700P

Buttonholes can be a challenging aspect of sewing for many, but with the Janome MC6700P, it’s almost like the machine does the thinking for you. One of the standout features of this model is its adeptness in crafting impeccable buttonholes, regardless of the fabric in play.

The machine comes with a specially-designed buttonhole foot that ensures precise sizing and consistent stitching every time. But what truly sets the MC6700P apart is the stabilizing plate that accompanies this foot. Think of it as an extra pair of hands that helps manage the fabric, especially when you’re working with materials that have a bit more character – be it a rich texture, a plush thickness, or even those that have a tendency to be a bit unruly.

Whether you’re making a sleek coat, a casual shirt, or a chic dress, the stabilizing plate ensures that each buttonhole mirrors the other in precision. So, no more worrying about mismatched buttonholes or the challenge of thicker fabrics; the Janome MC6700P has got you covered, literally stitch by stitch. With such attention to detail, your projects are bound to look professional and polished.

Tailoring Your Stitches with the Janome MC6700P

With the Janome MC6700P, personalizing your sewing experience is as effortless as it is enjoyable. Seamstresses and tailors alike understand the significance of customizing stitch length and width to fit various fabrics and designs. The MC6700P seamlessly blends functionality with user-friendly features to offer exactly that.

The machine is outfitted with rotary encoder dials that provide tactile feedback, allowing you to fine-tune your stitches with precision. Whether you’re aiming for petite, delicate stitches or broader, more pronounced ones, these dials make the adjustments smooth and straightforward.

But the versatility doesn’t end there. These multi-function dials also serve additional purposes, broadening the scope of their usability. Need to adjust where the needle drops? These dials have got you covered. Are you scrolling through patterns and designs? The cursor movement becomes a breeze.

The Janome MC6700P reaffirms that sewing, at its core, is an art form. And like every artist, having the right tools that respond to your every nuance makes all the difference. With such adaptable stitch controls, you’re not just sewing; you’re sculpting each piece to perfection.

Tailored Tension with the Janome MC6700P’s Presser Foot

Achieving the perfect stitch on diverse fabrics, from gossamer-thin silks to rugged denims, often requires more than just the right thread or needle. With the Janome MC6700P, you get an added layer of customization with its stepless presser foot pressure dial.

Every fabric has its unique personality, and understanding that intricacy is essential. For those delicate fabrics, a lighter touch is often required to ensure the material isn’t stretched or marred. On the other end of the spectrum, thicker materials need a firmer press to glide seamlessly under the needle.

But the benefits of this feature don’t end at fabric variance. For craftspeople who dabble in free-motion sewing, adjusting the foot pressure can be a game-changer, granting them the versatility they need for unhindered creativity.

What truly sets the MC6700P’s design apart is the thoughtful positioning of this dial. Nestled on the exterior, it’s not just a tool but an intuitive companion for your sewing journey. Whether you’re in the midst of a meticulous project or swiftly moving between different materials, making those crucial pressure adjustments becomes second nature. No interruptions, just continuous, effortless sewing.

The Art of Perfect Stitches with Janome MC6700P’s Tension Regulating Dial

For those passionate about sewing, it’s the little nuances that elevate a project from good to spectacular. With the Janome MC6700P, one such nuance comes in the form of its expertly crafted tension regulating dial.

Positioned conveniently on the exterior, this tension dial isn’t just about function; it’s about the rhythm of sewing. Those who find solace in the hum of the machine and the glide of the fabric often understand that tension isn’t merely a technicality—it’s an art. The MC6700P’s tension dial gives you an intuitive, hands-on approach to refine this art.

Drawing inspiration from robust industrial machines, the tension dial on the MC6700P is a nod to professional-grade equipment. It’s designed not only for the ease of operation but also for the clarity of view and fine-tuning capabilities. No more guessing games; with this feature, every stitch resonates with precision.

In a world where details matter, this hallmark feature of the MC6700P stands out, allowing you to calibrate every stitch to your exact specifications, making your sewing endeavors not just a task, but a masterful performance.

The Artistry of Appliqué with the Janome MC6700P

Appliqué, the intricate sewing technique of layering fabric patches to craft decorative designs, takes on a whole new level of precision and creativity with the Janome MC6700P. The machine’s expansive stitch options, combined with its impressive 91 needle positions, offer a world of possibilities for every appliqué enthusiast.

Whether you’re aiming for a stitch so subtle it nearly blends into the background or you’re in the mood for striking ladder stitches that command attention, the MC6700P delivers. It’s not just about sewing; it’s about creating a fabric story, layer by layer, stitch by stitch.

Beyond the sheer range of styles, what makes the MC6700P stand out is the ease and fun infused into the appliqué process. The machine beckons sewists to experiment, mix and match, and ultimately craft pieces that resonate with their unique creative vision.

So, whether you’re adorning a quilt with delicate floral designs, personalizing a child’s blanket, or adding character to home décor, the Janome MC6700P ensures your appliqué work isn’t just precise, but also a delightful journey of artistic expression.

Tailored Stitch Selection with the Janome MC6700P

Ever dreamt of a sewing machine that remembers your most-loved stitches? With the Janome MC6700P, that’s not just a dream. The machine boasts direct stitch selection keys conveniently located on its front panel. While these keys come pre-programmed with popular stitches, the magic lies in their customizable nature.

Imagine having your go-to stitch patterns a mere touch away. Whether you’re frequently oscillating between decorative stitches for your craft projects or you have a preferred stitch for everyday mending, you can easily program these stitches for instant access. This personalized sewing experience is further enhanced by the bright LCD screen, which clearly displays your current stitch choice.

The best part? The Janome MC6700P has a memory as sharp as yours. Once you’ve set up your favorite stitches, the machine remembers them for subsequent sewing adventures. And if ever you feel like reverting to the original settings or shaking things up a bit, making changes is as simple as a few clicks.

In essence, the MC6700P isn’t just a machine. It’s a partner that adapts, remembers, and seamlessly integrates with your sewing style. Happy custom sewing!

Intuitive Foot Control with the Janome MC6700P

Ever felt the thrill of accelerating smoothly on an open road? The Janome MC6700P brings that same exhilaration to your sewing sessions with its expansive foot control. Meticulously designed to prioritize both stability and comfort, the generous size of the foot control ensures it remains steadfast beneath your feet, eliminating any unwanted slips during intensive sewing sessions.

Yet, it’s more than just size that sets this foot control apart. It’s the machine’s innate ability to gauge your intent. As you gently press down on the control, the machine seamlessly eases into its pace, ensuring you can deftly navigate intricate sections of your project. But when you’re on the expansive stretches, like sewing the length of a curtain or racing down the side of a quilt, a firm press lets you glide through at a brisker pace. It’s intuitive, allowing you to focus on the joy of creating rather than the mechanics of operation.

For those who love an extra touch of convenience, the Janome MC6700P pairs perfectly with the optional thread cutter switch and base plate. Together, they form a trio that revolutionizes your sewing rhythm, ensuring each project is sewn not just with precision, but with passion. Enjoy a foot control that truly understands your pace!

Elevated Dual Thread Stand: A Noteworthy Feature of the Janome MC6700P

Janome MC6700P prides itself on its attention to detail, and one such feature that stands out is its elevated dual thread stand. For those who appreciate convenience and versatility in their sewing experiences, this is a game-changer.

Crafted with the user’s needs in mind, this thread stand towers upright, optimally positioned to accommodate even those larger, industrial-scale spools and thread cones. This isn’t merely a luxury—it’s a necessity, especially for passionate sewers who often find themselves working on extensive projects or using specialty threads that aren’t typically found on smaller spools.

But what truly accentuates its utility is the dual vertical guides. If you’ve ever tried to set up for twin needle sewing, you know it can be a tad tricky. With these guides, that task becomes breezy. Plus, if you’re an enthusiast of thread painting, where frequent thread changes are the norm, you’ll find transitioning between colors to be smoother and faster.

In essence, the Janome MC6700P’s dual thread stand is more than just a stand. It’s a testament to Janome’s commitment to creating an enhanced sewing experience, striking a perfect balance between functionality and ease-of-use. And once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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