Janome 311 Purple


Sewing Machine: Easy-to-Use with 15 Stitches, Fully Adjustable Stitch Length and Width. Diamond Cut Feed Dogs for Easy Traction on all fabrics.

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Janome 311 Purple Description

The Janome Purple Majesty sewing machine is a quality entry-level model offered at a fantastic price! This mechanical machine features 15 built-in stitches and a four-step buttonhole. Dial pattern selection and stitch width and length adjustment ensure ease of use. Remove the accessory bin to reveal the great free arm feature making it versatile for all types of sewing. Lightweight and easy to use, this is the perfect machine for a beginner, and the price is just right. Re Purple: An ideal sewing machine is one that not only performs its functions efficiently but also inspires its user to actively engage in sewing projects. Understanding the impact of aesthetic appeal, Janome has identified color as a key factor in cultivating a young person’s interest in sewing. This insight led to the creation of the Janome Purple Majestic. This model stands out with its vibrant purple hue, appealing to the artistic sensibilities of younger users. Beyond its visual appeal, the Purple Majestic is constructed with quality in mind, offering durability and reliability. It comes equipped with 15 different stitch options, catering to a variety of sewing needs and skill levels. This combination of striking color, quality construction, and versatile stitch choices makes the Janome Purple Majestic a top choice for those seeking a sewing machine that is both functional and motivating.

🇨🇦 Shop With Confidence. Janome Purple Majesty Easy-to-Use Basic Sewing Machine with 15 Stitches including 1 Four-Step Buttonhole Easy Threading with lay-in tension, All Metal Hook, All Metal Bobbin Case, All metal Shuttle, Cast Aluminium Frame, Diamond Cut Feed Dogs System, Adjustable Stitch Length and ZigZag Width with All Metal Zig Zag Presser Foot.

✅ The most effective sewing machine is the one that inspires its user to engage in sewing. Janome has discovered that color significantly influences a young person’s enthusiasm for using the machine. Therefore, they offer the Janome Purple Majesty, a sewing machine with an eye-catching color and high-quality construction, featuring 15 different stitch options.

✅ Janome 311 Purple Majesty is for people who want a high quality Very Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine.

✅ Adjustable Stitch Length & ZigZag Width Simply turn the length and zigzag width dial and adjust the stitch to the appropriate settings for your stitch type

✅ Heavy Duty All Metal Interior Aluminium Frame The metal interior frame ensures skip-free sewing and overall durability Janome Quality gives you peace of mind.

✅ Removable Free Arm & Accessory Storage The removable storage compartment turns this machine into a free arm. It is great for sewing small openings like a sleeve or hemming a pair of pants. 110-volt machine, Electrical Certified for use in CANADA

✅ All Janome machines include an electrical power cord & foot control speed regulator, built in light on/off switch including Light bulb, 25 Year Janome Canada warranty card, as well as instruction book

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