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WOW! Meet the Janome AT2000D, TOP of LINE 4-3-2 THREAD Air Thread Serger. Experience revolutionary ease with swift, hassle-free threading for both upper and lower loopers. And with the ONE-PUSH NEEDLE THREADING, it’s sewing reimagined. The Janome AT2000D serger embodies convenience with unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Janome prides itself on providing excellent customer support,
Additionally, the machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring the user’s peace of mind.

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“AIR THREADING SYSTEM”: Swift and hassle-free threading of both the upper and lower loopers.
“ONE-PUSH NEEDLE THREADING”: Simplifies needle threading, reducing setup time.
“4-3-2 THREAD CAPABILITY”: Offers a variety of stitch options for overlock sewing projects.
“DIFFERENTIAL FEED”: Prevents stretching and puckering on diverse fabric types.

“TENSION RELEASE DEVICE”: Automatically releases thread tension when the presser foot is raised.
“COLOR-CODED THREADING GUIDE”: Provides a visual guide for easy and error-free threading.
“RETRACTABLE UPPER KNIFE”: Allows for safe and easy conversion from standard serging to rolled hemming.
“EASY ROLLED HEM CONVERSION”: No need to change the needle plate or foot for rolled hemming.

“SNAP-ON PRESSER FEET”: Enables quick foot changes for various sewing tasks.
“WIDE OPEN THREADING”: Makes it easier to access the looper area for threading and maintenance.
“ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL”: Delivers consistent speed, offering a maximum of 1,300 stitches per minute.
“ADJUSTABLE STITCH LENGTH”: Modify stitch length from 1mm to 4mm for optimal sewing.

“CUTTING WIDTH ADJUSTMENT”: Allows the user to change the width of stitches.
“LED SEWING LIGHT”: Illuminates the work area, ensuring precision even in dim environments.
“BUILT-IN THREAD CUTTER”: Positioned conveniently for swift thread trimming.
“PRESSER FOOT LIFTER”: Has an extra-high position to accommodate thick or multiple fabric layers.

“SEWING WITH TWO NEEDLES”: Provides a wide range of stitch options for decorative and functional purposes.
“WASTE TRAY”: Conveniently captures cut-off fabric, keeping the work area clean.
“BUILT-IN ACCESSORY STORAGE”: Keeps essential serger accessories organized and within reach.
“DURABLE METAL FRAME”: Ensures stability and long-lasting performance.

“CARRY HANDLE”: Enhances portability for on-the-go serging.
“EXTERNAL TENSION DIALS”: Easily accessible for swift tension adjustments.
“SEAM GUIDE”: Helps achieve accurate and consistent seam allowances.
“SAFETY SWITCH”: Prevents the machine from operating when the front cover is open.

“BUILT-IN NEEDLE THREADER”: Eases the threading process, reducing eye strain.
“ADJUSTABLE PRESSER FOOT PRESSURE”: Tailor foot pressure to different fabric thicknesses for consistent stitching.
“VARIABLE SEAM WIDTH”: Customize seam width for the desired finish and fabric type.
“QUALITY ASSURANCE”: Backed by Janome’s renowned reputation for durability and precision.
EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Janome prides itself on providing excellent customer support,
Additionally, the machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring the user’s peace of mind.

Unveiling the Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: 


Intro to the Serging World
Sergers aren’t just machines; they’re the artisans behind crisp seams and fine fabric finishes. As DIY crafts and self-taught sewing gain traction, the sewing arena has evolved, and the Janome AT2000D stands out, redefining ease and precision in serging.

A Snapshot of Janome AT2000D

Diving into Janome’s Legacy
Janome, crafting sewing marvels since 1921, presents the AT2000D. This model, with its air threading, rewrites the serging playbook, offering a blend of simplicity and prowess for all sewists.

Harnessing the Power of Air
Threading loopers: a task once dreaded. Now, Janome transforms this with air threading. A simple lever flick does the magic, making serging welcoming even for beginners.

Designed for You: Ease and Flexibility

Stitches and More
From 4-thread overlocks to rolled hems, the Janome AT2000D feeds your creativity. Dial-in your preferred stitch length and width, ensuring every fabric piece shines.

User-first Features
Color-coded threading, built-in needle threader, and adjustable foot pressure – Janome puts you first, ensuring serging feels natural and intuitive.

Built to Last and Impress

A Frame of Strength
With its sturdy aluminum body, the AT2000D stands tall against vibrations. Every seam is a smooth experience, even at peak speeds.

Power Meets Durability
A machine not just for hobbyists but also for small-scale creators. Its robust engine ensures longevity, making it a wise choice for enthusiasts.

Precision at Your Fingertips
The differential feed system of the AT2000D is a masterstroke. Whether it’s slippery silk or tough denim, expect perfection. Switching between modes is a breeze, letting your creativity flow unhindered.

Always There for You

Guidance at Every Step
Learning is fun with Janome’s rich set of tutorials. From basic setups to intricate tasks, you’re always in expert hands.

A Call Away
Facing a hiccup? Reach out to Toews Sewing at 1-800-661-1801. Janome’s unwavering support ensures your sewing journey remains seamless.

In Closing
The Janome AT2000D isn’t just another serger; it’s a sewing revolution. Easy threading, unparalleled precision, and robust build make it indispensable for sewists. A true testament to Janome’s vision, it’s not just about sewing; it’s about crafting experiences.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: Revolutionizing Threading

Bidding Adieu to Tedious Threading
Gone are the days of cumbersome threading of both upper and lower loopers. The Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger has brought a breath of fresh air into the world of sewing.

A Leap Forward with the One-Push System
What’s the magic behind this convenience? A uniquely designed One-Push Air Threading System. Instead of the old way, you just place your thread into specialized ports.

Push, Play, and Sew Away!
Moreover, with a simple push of a lever, your thread is smoothly transported to its rightful place. This feature doesn’t just save time; it also ensures accuracy, reducing the chances of mishaps.

Conclusion: Simplified Sewing with Janome
In essence, the Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger simplifies your sewing process, letting you focus more on your creative projects and less on setup. It’s an innovation designed with the user in mind.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: Mastering Fabric Feed

The Power of the 8-Piece Feed Dog System
Forget the struggles with tricky fabrics. The Janome AT2000D is here to change the game.

Strategic Placement for Seamless Sewing
Its unique edge? Feed dogs placed in eight key spots. This design ensures that your fabric, whether delicate knits or tough denim, is caught and fed smoothly.

Versatility Across All Fabric Types
From slinky materials to robust denim, this serger steps up. The AT2000D embraces the challenges, guaranteeing seamless sewing every time.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Sewing Experience
With the Janome AT2000D, expect not just simplicity but also versatility. It’s the companion your sewing projects deserve.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: Seamless Thread Transition

Simplicity in Thread Conversion
The Janome AT2000D brings a refreshing ease to thread management, making your sewing journey more enjoyable.

One-step to Perfection
Wondering about its secret? The built-in One-step Converter. Changing from a 3-thread setup to a 2-thread is a breeze. Just flip the converter with a finger.

Ready for Diverse Sewing Tasks
Whether crafting delicate rolled hems or aiming for less bulk in overlock edges, this serger has you covered. It’s all about providing flexibility without the fuss.

Conclusion: Sewing Made Effortless
With the Janome AT2000D, enjoy more time sewing and less time setting up. Embrace the ease it brings to every project.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: Threading Revolutionized

A Janome Breakthrough
Experience a new era in sewing with the Janome AT2000D. It introduces an innovation that simplifies your setup like never before.

Goodbye, Manual Threading!
The hero feature? The built-in Needle Threader. Gone are the days of fumbling with threads and needles. With this innovation, manual threading feels almost ancient.

Dual Position Convenience
The best part is its versatility. This singular unit easily threads both right and left position needles, streamlining your preparation process.

Conclusion: A Seamless Start to Every Project
With the Janome AT2000D, jump straight into sewing without the usual threading hassle. A true testament to Janome’s commitment to user-friendly design.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: Prioritizing Your Safety

Commitment to Safe Sewing
Janome understands that while crafting, safety should never be an afterthought. The AT2000D embodies this principle brilliantly.

Triple-Layered Safety Mechanism
So, what’s the protective shield? Three strategically placed micro-switches. These switches ensure the machine operates only under safe conditions.

Safety Checkpoints Explained
These crucial switches are located in the side cover, looper cover, and presser foot bar. For the serger to run, all must be engaged.

Conclusion: Craft with Confidence
With the Janome AT2000D, immerse yourself in your sewing projects, knowing the machine has your back. Here’s to safer, smoother sewing sessions.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: Mastering Stitch Precision

Two-in-One Adjustment Wonder
Dive into the brilliance of Janome’s integrated design. The AT2000D boasts a dual-function dial that merges two crucial adjustments.

Swift Stitch Adaptability
Want to modify your stitch length on-the-go? It’s a breeze. Thanks to textured dials, you can adjust while sewing, selecting lengths from 1.0 to 5.0mm.

No More Fabric Frustrations
That’s not all. The differential feed ensures no puckering and lets you control stitch stretchiness. From enhancing elasticity to achieving store-bought effects, it’s got you covered. Set it anywhere from 0.5 to 2.0mm.

Conclusion: A Seamless Blend of Flexibility & Precision
With the Janome AT2000D, revel in the power to tweak, adjust, and perfect every stitch effortlessly.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: Enhancing Your Sewing Experience

Right at Your Fingertips: Precise Customizations
Delve into the enhanced design of Janome’s AT2000D. On the sewing bed’s right side, find all key adjustments.

Swift Cutting Width Changes
Looking to tweak the cutting width? It’s simple and smooth. Adjusting on-the-go has never felt so intuitive.

Easy Upper Knife Access
Next, the upper knife release knob is right there, making blade adjustments or replacements straightforward.

Seamless Transition to Rolled Hemming
Lastly, with just a slide of the stitch finger lever, shift to rolled hemming. Experience the magic of convenience and efficiency.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Adjustments
With the Janome AT2000D, every essential adjustment is readily accessible, making your sewing journey smoother and more delightful.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger: Where Efficiency Meets Durability

A Refreshed Main Shaft Design
The AirThread 2000D showcases a reimagined main shaft, tailored for optimal performance.

Glide with Low Torque
Thanks to two strategically placed ball bearings, experience low torque. It ensures smoother operations.

Stable Serging at Higher Speeds
Ready for a faster pace? This design ensures you have stability even at elevated serging speeds.

Durability That Lasts
Beyond speed and stability, this innovation promises longevity, ensuring your machine lasts through countless sewing sessions.

Maximizing Your Serging Space with Janome AT2000D

A Spacious Front Platform
Before the serging needle, revel in a spacious 4.65” wide bed. It’s perfect for initial fabric placement.

Extended Work Area Behind
After the needle? An even broader 5.59” space awaits. It ensures hassle-free fabric flow.

Deep Bed Design
Moreover, with a depth of 9.67”, handling larger projects becomes a breeze.

Craft Bigger, Better
All in all, the AirThread 2000D promises a generous workspace. Now, let your creativity flow uninhibited.

Experience Hassle-Free Threading with the Janome AT2000D

Slide, Guide, and Go!
Benefit from the enhanced slide-and-go thread guides. They ensure quick threading every time.

No More Guesswork
These intuitive guides remove all the confusion. They ensure your upper tension discs are threaded flawlessly.

Error-Free Threading
With this system in place, mistakes are a thing of the past. Dive into sewing without any hold-ups!

Optimized Foot Pressure with the Janome AT2000D

Versatile Adjustments
Tweak the foot pressure effortlessly to suit diverse fabrics.

Beyond Just Fabrics
Not just for fabrics! Adjust seamlessly for optional accessory feet too.

Tailored Sewing Experience
Now, experience flexibility in sewing, ensuring each project gets the right touch.

Unraveling the Janome AT2000 Air Threading Serger: A Revolution in Serging Efficiency and Precision



Sergers play an essential role in the sewing industry by creating professionally finished edges and seams for various fabric types. With the growth of home-based crafts and self-taught sewing enthusiasts, advancements in the sewing machine market have been significant, with various manufacturers trying to simplify their machines for home use. Among these innovations, the Janome AT2000 Air Threading Serger stands out as an impressive tool designed to ease threading and streamline serging operations. This essay explores the ins and outs of the Janome AT2000, highlighting its features, functionality, and why it revolutionizes the world of sewing.

The Janome AT2000: A Brief Overview

The Janome AT2000 Air Threading Serger is an innovative sewing machine designed by Janome, a reputable company known for producing high-quality sewing machines since 1921. This serger model sets a new standard in the serging industry by employing an air injection system that simplifies the threading process, reducing time and frustration associated with traditional sergers. Additionally, it boasts an array of quality features to assist beginners and advanced sewists alike in their creative endeavors.

The Magic of Air Threading

One of the main challenges that serger users have faced over the years is the tedious and often frustrating process of threading the loopers. Janome has revolutionized this aspect by incorporating an air threading system that harnesses the power of air to thread the loopers effortlessly. With a simple touch of a lever on the machine, a gust of air is generated, guiding the thread through each looper’s paths. This mechanism automates what was once a time-consuming task, luring beginners who have avoided adding a serger to their repertoire due to threading complexities.

User-Friendliness and Versatility

The Janome AT2000 Air Threading Serger’s design aims to enhance user-friendliness and accommodates most sewing needs. The machine offers a range of stitch options, such as 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, 2-thread overlock, flatlock, and rolled hems, allowing fuel for creativity and versatility in garment construction.

The easily accessible dials on the Janome AT2000 facilitate quick stitch length and cutting width adjustments. Users can manipulate the stitch length from 1mm to 4mm and the cutting width up to 7.5mm, offering remarkable finishing quality across various fabric types. Furthermore, the serger offers an adjustable pressure dial to control the foot pressure according to the fabric’s thickness, ensuring consistent stitching results.

In addition, color-coded thread guides on the machine simplify the threading process, making it incredibly easy for beginners to follow. A built-in needle threader is also included for users’ convenience, minimizing eye strain and further speeding up the threading process.

Durability and Stability

Janome has crafted the AT2000 Air Threading Serger with durability and stability in mind, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The machine boasts a robust, die-cast aluminum frame, which provides resistance against vibration and guarantees smooth operation even at high speeds.

Equipped with a powerful motor, the Janome AT2000 serger can achieve top speeds, making it suitable for both home sewists and small-scale productions. The potential for heavy-duty use assures users of the machine’s longevity and makes it a sensible investment.

Exceptional Serging Precision

Janome’s AT2000 Air Threading Serger offers outstanding serging precision with its differential feed system, ensuring consistent stitch quality on various fabric types. The differential feed consists of two separate sets of feed dogs that control the fabric movement, enabling optimum handling of stretchy, slippery, or heavy fabrics. Ranging from 0.5 to 2.25, the adjustable ratio guarantees the perfect stitch quality for whichever textile you are working with.

A key feature of the AT2000 is its one-step conversion system for switching between the standard serger mode and rolled hem mode. Users will no longer need to change the needle plate, presser foot, or cutting blade when switching between seam and edge finishes. This technique offers a hassle-free transition, allowing sewists to work seamlessly between different sewing operations.


Janome understands that mastering a new machine can be daunting; thus, they provide expert assistance and support. These services help users understand the machine’s functionality, optimize the use of its features, and generally get the most out of their investment.

Upon purchase of the Janome AT2000 Air Threading Serger, users can access comprehensive video tutorials and informative content, providing step-by-step guidance through various machine operations. These invaluable resources ensure users gain the necessary confidence and skill to use the machinery to its fullest potential.

The Janome brand also backs its products with excellent customer support, assisting users through any troubleshooting, repair, or maintenance needs, Just call Toews Sewing 1-800-661-1801.


The Janome AT2000 Air Threading Serger’s introduction is undoubtedly a game-changing evolution in the sewing world, offering impeccable sewing precision, versatility, and lightning-fast setups without compromising on ease of use. Its air threading system is unrivaled, making the once dreaded task of threading loopers virtually effortless. This compact yet powerful machine, crafted with durability, stability, and finesse, is bound to be a vital addition to any sewing setup.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to take up serging or a professional seeking a simplified and effective serging solution, the Janome AT2000 Air Threading Serger is a worthy investment. It is a testament to Janome’s commitment to enhancing users’ sewing experiences through their innovative and user-centric machine designs.

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