Janome 900CPX


Janome 900CPX CoverPro 1 or 2 Needle, 2 & 3 Thread Coverstitch / Cover Hem Machine, Easy Threading

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JANOME 900 CPX: THE BEST SELLING 2 / 3 Thread COVER PRO CoverStitch machine in the USA: NOW AVAILABLE from JANOME CANADA, 17 Year Warranty. CSA CANADA Electrically certified. EASY THREADING: Looper disengages for fast easy threading .
The 900 CPX Features the Highest Quality Light weight Cast Aluminum Body.

SUPERIOR NEEDLE SYSTEM: The Janome 900CPX CoverStitch Uses the Schmetz ELX705 needle system. Like Large industrial Cover stitch sewing machines. This special needle has a long groove front and back. It’s more reliable than the HAX1SP needle used in most competitive models.

✔ Janome CoverStitch Seam Tightening System (STS)
✔ Free arm
✔ Tension release device
✔ Foot pressure adjustment
✔ Differential feed ratio 0.5 to 2.25
✔ Stitch length 1 to 4mm
✔ 1 or 2 needle
✔ Quick reference sticker for stitch selection
✔ 1 needle, 2 thread chain stitch
✔ 2 needle, 3 thread coverstitch
✔ Extra large bed space
✔ Vertical needle drop
✔ CoverStitch width 5mm
✔ Speeds up to 1,000 spm
✔ Bonus Soft cover included

The Janome CoverPro 900CPX : Is a coverstitch / cover hem machine, with a wide array of convenient features. Its extra wide bed space and free arm capabilities make it easy to accommodate a wide array of projects. You’ll also find a Quick Reference Chart on the front of the machine, so you can choose the perfect stitch and stitch settings without consulting the manual. Janome’s exclusive Seam Tightening System (STS) reduces slack in the looper thread, giving you tight, flat, and sturdy stitches on any type of fabric. You’ll love what you can easily accomplish with the 900CPX Cover Stitch machine. ✔ ♥ ➜ SUPERIOR NEEDLE SYSTEM: The Janome 900CPX Uses the Schmetz ELX705 needle system. Like Large industrial Cover stitch sewing machines. This special needle has a long groove front and back. It’s more reliable than the HAX1SP needle used in most competitive models

Title: “Janome 900CPX: Revolutionizing the World of Sewing”

By Toews Sewing


In the vast universe of sewing, the Janome 900CPX Cover Stitch Machine stands out as a testament to innovation and sophistication. As a product of the Janome Sewing Machine Company, a globally acclaimed Japanese manufacturer, the 900CPX embodies the company’s commitment to producing high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly sewing machines.

Originating in the world-renowned textile industry of Japan, Janome has consistently built a reputation for creating machines that not only meet but exceed the expectations of professionals and hobbyists alike. The Janome 900CPX Cover Stitch Machine is no exception to this legacy of excellence.

Harnessing the Power of Cover Stitch

The cover stitch is an integral part of the sewing process. It is essential for hemming stretchy fabrics and can provide a professional finish to garments. The Janome 900CPX Cover Stitch Machine has been uniquely designed to deliver this function with an unparalleled level of precision and consistency.

Traditional sewing machines often struggle with the cover stitch, leading to stretched or puckered seams, particularly on delicate or elastic fabrics. The Janome 900CPX, however, confronts these challenges head-on. Its advanced design and innovative features contribute to its capability to produce high-quality cover stitches consistently, thus offering a seamless experience for users.

Revolutionary Features

The Janome 900CPX prides itself on its impressive range of features that bring together the best of traditional sewing and modern technology. This combination enables it to deliver an enhanced sewing experience, unattainable by many other machines in the market.

One of the machine’s standout features is its differential feed ratio, adjustable from 0.5 to 2.25. This provides the user with a great deal of control, allowing for perfect handling of any fabric type, from stretchy knits to lightweight chiffons. Consequently, it eliminates the risk of seam puckering or stretching, thus ensuring a professional-grade finish every time.

Another key feature of the Janome 900CPX is its unique Seam Tightening System (STS). Janome’s exclusive STS employs a spring instead of a looper tension dial, reducing slack in the looper thread. This innovation allows for flat, tight, and sturdy stitches on a range of fabric types and thicknesses.

The Janome 900CPX also boasts a large bed space and an easily accessible looper area, which significantly simplifies the process of threading and changing threads. Furthermore, the machine offers a quick reference chart for stitch length, making it easy for users to select the perfect stitch for their projects.

The machine’s free arm feature is another noteworthy aspect. This allows for easy maneuvering around smaller, more intricate pieces like cuffs and collars, thereby significantly enhancing the machine’s versatility and utility.

User-friendly Design

Despite its high-tech features, the Janome 900CPX remains incredibly user-friendly. Its design ensures that even beginners can utilize its full potential without feeling overwhelmed.

The machine’s color-coded threading guide simplifies the threading process, while the easily adjustable stitch length and differential feed dial make customization straightforward and stress-free. Furthermore, the machine’s clear presser foot gives an unobstructed view of the work area, allowing for precise stitching.

The thoughtful placement of the machine’s dials and controls also contributes to its user-friendly design. These are all conveniently located on the machine’s exterior, making them easy to access and adjust as needed. This thoughtful design reduces the need to stop and adjust settings, thus making the sewing process more efficient.

Sustainability and Durability

In line with Janome’s commitment to quality, the 900CPX is built to last. It has a sturdy, heavy-duty interior metal frame


1) Set of needles

Machine comes with a set of five EL x 705 needles. (two size 12 and two size 14)

2) Screwdrivers

Machine comes with two screwdrivers for taking out needle ect…

3) Tweezer

Machine comes with a tweezer to assist with threading.

4) Nets

Machine comes with three thread nets to help with difficult threads.

5) Spool Caps

Machine comes with three spool caps to use if you are using regular spools of thread instead of serger cones.

6) Lint brush

Machine comes with a lint brush for keeping machine clean and lint/dust out of the motor area.

7) Needle threader

Machine comes with a needle threader to thread the eyes of the needles with ease. This can also be used to assist in taking the needles in and out of the machine.

8) Attachment screws

Machine comes with the attachment screws for fixing optional accessories.

9) Accessory box

Machine comes with an accessory box for storing your accessories.

The Best Sewing Machine Warranty In Canada!


Warranty is 2 years plus a FREE 15 YEAR JANOME CANADA Extended Warranty = 17 YEARS

Toews Sewing is a ***** Platinum JANOME AUTHORIZED Service Centre
Toews Sewing is a ***** Platinum JANOME AUTHORIZED Dealer


Janome 900CPX Features & Benefits

  • Color coded threading chart Easy to thread with a color coded threading chart on the front of the machine with arrows marking the thread paths.
  • Sturdy cast Aluminum body Sturdy cast Aluminum body makes the machine durable and long lasting, yet lightweight for great portability.
  • Solid metal presser foot Solid metal presser foot makes machine durable and long lasting.
  • Solid metal feed dogs Solid metal feed dogs makes machine durable and long lasting.
  • Solid metal needle plate Solid metal needle plate makes machine durable and long lasting.
  • Solid metal needle shaft Solid metal needle shaft makes machine more and long lasting.
  • Extra strong steel tension discs Extra strong steel tension discs makes it nearly impossible to wear the top tension discs out.
  • Metal thread guides Metal thread guides provide a smooth path for thread for an excellent cover stitching experience. This also means the machine will be long lasting because the metal guides won’t wear out the way plastic guides do.
  • Rubber feet Rubber feet on the bottom of the machine adds stability and quiet operation.
  • Has a free arm Has a free arm for hemming sleeves and pant legs with ease.
  • An automatic tension adjustment switch An automatic tension adjustment switch for quick and easy tension changes from lightweight to heavyweight fabrics.
  • Lower looper pops out Lower looper pops out for simple threading.
  • Uses ELx705 needles Uses ELx705 needles for sewing knits at a high speed with less skipped stitches.
  • Differential feed Differential feed for making sewing knits a breeze.
  • Stitch length control Stitch length control to adjust for different fabrics.
  • Foot pressure control Foot pressure control to adjust for different fabrics.
  • Capable of a 2-needle wide cover hem Capable of a 2-needle wide cover hem for hemming and topstitching.
  • Capable of chain stitch Capable of chain stitch for, seams, hemming and topstitching.
  • Large sewing surface Large sewing surface to support the garment being hemmed.
  • Needle threader/needle holder Comes with a needle threader/needle holder to make threading the needle and taking the needles in and out easier.
  • Tweezers Comes with tweezers to help make threading easier.
  • Spool nets Comes with spool nets for working with difficult threads.
  • Thread caps Comes with thread caps for using regular spools of thread rather than serger cones.
  • Accessory box Comes with accessory box to store the accessories.
  • Large and small screwdrivers Comes with large and small screwdrivers for taking out needles ect…
  • Lint brush Comes with lint brush to help keep the machine clean.
  • Package of needles Comes with a package of needles for when the needles in the machine get dull.
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